Hair Colorist Tells Us Kim Kardashian's Years Of Drastic Hair Changes Are Catching Up To Her

In April, Kim Kardashian debuted a new pink bob haircut, and many were quick to speculate that the short length might be due to the state of her hair. After all, the Kardashian has always been known for her long and luscious locks, and for many, it seemed a bit out of character that the reality television star chopped it all off. In the post, she tagged her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, who's been known for some of her most iconic styles. 


While we adore the edgy pink chop on Kardashian, is it possible that Appleton didn't have a choice but to cut her hair so short because of its damage? For answers, we turned to Lorena M. Valdes, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, who told us that Kardashian's hair was potentially in a bad state for a while. "It may not seem like it all the time, but from a professional eye, it's been damaged for a long time," Valdes exclusively told Glam. "It may have just not been as easy to blend."

Did Kim Kardashian chop and dye her hair to cover up its damage?

In December 2022, fans got a glimpse of Kim Kardashian's natural hair thanks to a video recorded with her daughter and posted to their joint TikTok account. Kardashian could be seen with damp blond hair that certainly seemed rather thin and fragile, unlike the hair we see her rock in public.

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In 2024, Kardashian's hair seems to be just as damaged, and Lorena M. Valdes exclusively explained that dyeing Kardashian's hair from blond to pink could be an attempt at trying to make it appear healthier. "Typically, adding any tone back into the hair will be a way to 'fill' hair that's too light," she said. "Usually, demi and direct dyes tend to be nourishing for the hair, so adding them back in will make the hair feel so much better."

The biggest issue with Kardashian's hair seems to be that she changes it too often. It's no secret that frequent bleaching and dyeing, as well as the use of hair extensions and wigs, can cause poor hair health. However, Valdes told us that if done right, a quick hair change shouldn't cause excessive damage. "It can be done right away if it needs an adjustment," she said. "But as far as drastic and stressful services it's best to wait a few weeks or until your next appointment. Everyone's hair is different — some people have really strong and resilient hair that can take high-stress colors, but for most, gradually changing color at each appointment is the healthiest approach." However, anyone who has been keeping up with Kardashian's hair evolution knows that the star loves going from dark to light in a day. In fact, her 2022 Met Gala platinum blond locks were achieved in 14 hours.


Which of Kim Kardashian's iconic hairstyles is the most damaging?

Lorena M. Valdes exclusively explained to Glam that while Kim Kardashian has undergone a variety of hair changes over the years, it's the blond that's affected her hair health the most. "Bleach/lightener isn't a gentle treatment and requires a lot of daily care to keep it healthy in between appointments," she said. "Let alone having to use hot tools, wigs/extensions, and constant styling — [all of this] can be very stressful for hair that is already fragile, not including going dark and then going light again."


Kardashian certainly hopped between blond and brunette over the years, meaning that a part of her hair length had to undergo bleaching multiple times. And while we adore the star with a shorter bob haircut, it's safe to say that even if she wanted to keep her locks longer, her natural hair was probably too damaged to fight the breakage.

How can someone like Kim Kardashian — who switches up her hair a lot — keep their locks healthy?

Just because lightening your hair will cause some damage, that doesn't mean there aren't ways of doing it carefully. "K18, Olaplex, and Absolut Repair Molecular are great to incorporate into your strengthening journey. Professional hair products are very important," Lorena M. Valdes exclusively told us, adding that minimizing heat styling, using a heat protectant, cleaning your hair properly, and sleeping on a silk pillowcase can all help keep your locks healthy.


Of course, someone like Kim Kardashian has access to all the best hair care products in the world, yet not even she is immune to the damage excessive bleaching can cause. This brings us to the most important part — if you plan to go from dark to platinum blond, don't do it all in one day. "Typically, gradually changing hair is the safest option. Not to say it can't be done faster but it would still take a full day at the salon — if not longer for them to take the time to do it," Valdes added. So, if your hairstylist claims it can be done in one go, perhaps it's time to look for another one, as recovering from bleach damage isn't easy at all.