TikTok's Necklace-Layering Hack Will Change The Way You Wear Jewelry

For those of you who have been frantically searching for the ultimate guide to layering necklaces, we have great news. A recent TikTok video's necklace-layering hack will change the way you wear jewelry — and it will have you kicking yourself for not thinking of this incredibly simple trick sooner!



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A godsend for stacked jewelry lovers, the video has already amassed 73K likes and was shared by impressed followers 19.4K times. In it, TikToker @tabithamy shows us how to layer our necklaces without having to constantly untangle the chains of our jewelry. All you have to do is attach the hook of one necklace to the enclosure of the other, repeat with your second necklace, and voila! Problem solved. Not only will the chains of your necklaces not get tangled, but you will also be able to adjust the length of each to make it as long or as short as you want! Pretty cool, right?

More than two necklaces? No problem!

But what if you have more than two necklaces? Although the fashion enthusiast and good vibes TikToker does not explicitly tell us how to tackle more than two pieces of jewelry, we tried the hack with four necklaces, and it works like a charm! We attached the two shorter pieces to their two longer counterparts, and ended up with beautifully layered necklaces — sans the annoying tangles! Bonus point? One necklace does not fall directly on top of the other, so each one of them shines on its own while creating a perfect blend of layers.



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Of course, if you like to keep things simple and two pieces of jewelry are all you really need to join the necklace stacking trend, then TikToker @coutukitsch has another trick for you. Instead of keeping the two pieces separate and attaching one to the other, you can create a longer necklace by joining them all in one. Hook one necklace in the loop of the other, and once you've created a longer chain. Put it around your neck, wrap it twice, and join the two ends together. You can then pull one chain to make it longer or shorter, depending on which look you're going for.


Keeping your jewelry untangled while storing it

These necklace layering hacks are fab and a true game-changer — but if your favorite pieces are already tangled when you pull them out of your jewelry box, these tricks won't amount to much. We totally get how frustrating it is when your accessories seem to be tied together in a Boy Scout knot. Thankfully, you can try a few tricks that will have you rethinking the way you store your jewelry.


One idea is to use a box with smaller compartments in it and keep each necklace, ring, or pair of earrings in its own separate "cubicle." Alternatively, you can wrap each piece in tissue paper. Better yet, you can use a transparent piece of cling wrap so you can more easily spot the piece you are looking for. When using cling wrap for your jewelry storage, make sure the ends of your necklace are already hooked together. Otherwise, small charms that dangle from your accessory may slip out of the chain and get lost. Plus, keeping the ends together makes it harder for the piece to get tangled in the first place.

Another idea is to use thick straws (like the ones used for smoothies) and pass one chain through each. We suggest using a thicker straw because it will be easier to slide your necklace in and out of it. Use scissors to create a small tear on the end of the straw to create a holder for your necklace, and you can keep them all safely tucked away sans tangles. Easy peasy!