The Lipstick Hack Reneé Rapp Taught Sabrina Carpenter Will Change Your Makeup Game

Sabrina Carpenter isn't just making waves in the music world — as her star rises, the "Espresso" singer is becoming a bonafide style icon. We're already flocking to learn how to mimic her iconic haircut and color, while her signature glowing cheeks have us all asking what blush she uses. Now, the triple-threat star is blessing fans with a game-changing lipstick hack, which she shared in a now-deleted TikTok video that has been re-uploaded by fans.



sabrina carpenter on sharing a dressing room with reneé rapp for Mean Girls on broadway! @Sabrina Carpenter @reneé #sabrinacarpenter #reneerapp #makeup #meangirls #broadway #fyp #foryou

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This hack comes from Carpenter's "Mean Girls" on Broadway co-star Reneé Rapp, who shared the trick with her backstage, though we've found evidence of it being done for at least a decade (as seen in a Glamrs YouTube video from 2013). Nevertheless, this tip is simple enough for anyone to pull off. The hack? After you've applied your lipstick as normal, take a tissue and place it gently over your lips. Then, apply some powder to a brush, and swath it onto the tissue (and, indirectly, onto your lips). The idea behind the trick is that the powder will secure your lipstick in place without completely caking your lips since you're diffusing it, meaning you also won't have to deal with the dreaded sliding or feathering that sometimes comes with wearing bold lip colors.


What kind of powder should you use?

Although Sabrina Carpenter didn't specify what kind of powder we should be putting on our lips in this hack, the general consensus seems to point toward setting powder. The key to holding any makeup in place, setting powder works by absorbing oil, blurring imperfections, and providing a matte finish. While we were over the moon to hear this tip from Carpenter (or should we say Reneé Rapp), the concept of sealing your lipstick with setting powder isn't actually anything new.


In fact, there are multiple proven ways to add setting powder to your lip routine if you don't like the tissue element. You can simply apply it directly to your lips without the tissue, making sure to tap it on softly with your brush. This will result in a flat, matte lip that should stay firmly in place. Otherwise, you can use setting powder to prevent your lipstick specifically from running at the corners. Just use a smaller brush and a smaller amount to apply it directly to each corner.

Other ways to make your lipstick last

If you aren't a fan of setting powder for whatever reason, don't sweat it. There are plenty of other tricks to make your lipstick last as long as possible. The best way to achieve lipstick longevity is to prime and prep your lips properly. That means making sure they're clean of any old traces of product and then applying a lip primer. Hydration is especially important when it comes to your lips, since dryness can lead to flakiness, or product sticking to problem areas. Both powder and matte lipstick can make your chapped lips worse, so ensure that you're on top of your moisturizing lip balm and drinking plenty of water.


Investing in a long-wear lipstick formula that's designed to last on your lips is also helpful. Be sure to apply multiple coats to build up that coverage, but keep every coat thin so you're not overloading your lips with product that's just going to move around. Finally, even if you think you've applied the right amount of product, it's still important to blot with a tissue. Simply take a clean tissue, fold it in half between your lips, and gently press your lips onto it. This will make sure you're removing any excess lipstick and preventing a landslide of product as the night goes on.