The Little Girl From Waterworld Is Grown Up And Beautiful Today

Many may remember Kevin Costner as the star of the '90s cult classic "Waterworld," but the film wouldn't have been complete without then-child actor Tina Majorino, who played the young girl Enola. The braided-haired kid with blue eyes was central to the plot, as she literally held the key to dry land and helped her caretaker find a place for them to live off the water. Majorino went on to star in the hit 1999 movie "Alice in Wonderland" as the titular character before she took a hiatus from acting. "I was really tired, and I wanted to spend time with my family and my friends and go to school," she told Backstage in 2019. "And I had kind of lost my passion for it. I'm the type of person that, if I'm not into it 100%, then I kind of don't want to be involved in it."


Majorino made her return with "Napoleon Dynamite" as the side-ponytail-wearing Deb and since then has gathered many roles under her belt. And, while she still has those piercing blue eyes, the "Grey's Anatomy" star has grown up to be a gorgeous, confident version of her younger self.

Tina Majorino is a makeup and skincare enthusiast

As an actor, Tina Majorino is no stranger to wearing makeup but she didn't always have a great relationship with it. "I only used it to hide my acne, which was bad. My skin was so inflamed, it really ate away at my self-esteem. I'd cry about it constantly. So for a long while, makeup only reminded me of something painful," she revealed to Mental in 2022. Majorino has since learned to embrace products and now views skincare as one of her daily rituals she can't live without. "It's dedicated time, morning and night, without fail. I love how it feels before, during, and after. It feels loving and tender toward myself," she stated.


In a 2017 Instagram post, Majorino showed the transformative powers of makeup by sharing a selfie where she was wearing bright fuchsia lipstick. "If anyone knows a thing or two about how to make it through the ups and downs of life it's Elizabeth Taylor. She said, 'Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together,'" she wrote. Hey, any reason to put on some bright lipstick sounds perfectly good to us!

Tina Majorino loves to change up her hair

Tina Majorino is not just a chameleon when it comes to her acting roles, but in real life as well. She often switches up her hairstyle and color, going brunette with a bob sometimes and wavy blond other times. In 2015, Majorino debuted a shocking red shade on her choppy pixie at the GQ Man of the Year Awards. "Who doesn't want to celebrate amazing men?" she wrote beneath her Instagram post. "Wow [loving] this new look," a fan commented. Two years later, Majorino went back to her sandy-colored roots with a slightly longer trendy bixie cut. "Thanks girls," she captioned the post, while tagging her hairstylists.


Proving she's not afraid to take hair risks, Majorino went the fantasy route with a silver-blue dye job in 2019. "Once in a B L U E moon, we get to do something special," she gushed on Instagram, before tagging her hair stylist. A fan replied, "Not many can pull off this silver hair so well. But you looked fab with silver." Another wrote, "I have never seen a person who looks so good in so many different hairstyles." That is something we can all agree on.

Tina Majorino has been open about her mental health

It's inspiring when big celebrities are candid about their mental health struggles. Tina Majorino opened up to Mental about how she deals with anxiety in 2022. "For me, the path to finding my own recipe for feeling good was all about simplifying: focusing on the small things I had access to that I knew I could commit to every day, or already felt pulled to do but maybe judged myself out of doing." She was inspired to launch her podcast "No Pressure" with her brother Kevin Majorino to bring awareness to the emotional strains others feel as well, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. "People's mental health has really suffered, and seeing as we don't have a lot of care for such things in this country, the effects of lockdown and the collateral damage of COVID has been really devastating," she shared.


Tina gave fans words of encouragement in a video shared on YouTube. "I've been getting a couple of messages from people saying that they've been having a hard time with their quarantine pod, dealing with the intense nature of being around other human beings for such an extended period of time," she told the camera. "It's okay to feel like that. It's okay to have complicated feelings about people that you love. It's also okay to be a sensitive person." She described herself as "sensitive" as well but put a positive spin on it, calling her sensitivity one of her "super powers."

If you or someone you know needs help with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.


Tina Majorino has her own eclectic sense of style

When Tina Majorino goes to a red-carpet event, she obviously goes glam. But her everyday look is much more laid-back. That's not to say that her fashion choices are boring, though. In fact, they're anything but. In 2019, she shared a photo of herself wearing bright pink zebra-patterned tights, black-and-white high-top sneakers, and a gray sweatshirt. "F R I D A Y. My 2nd favorite F word," she quipped. Another Instagram pic showed her donning a furry leopard print coat over a set of blue polka-dot pajamas while wearing white oversized sunglasses, which is one great way of styling them.


Majorino showed her sense of humor by creating a twinning moment with her pup by wearing matching black hoodies. "Who wore it better?" she asked on Facebook. While many voted for Majorino, some thought that the "Corrina, Corrina" star had a hard time competing with her fur baby. "Tina, you always rock it, but who could resist that doggie face?" a fan commented. Another Facebook user wrote, "The woofer by a nose. But that's because dogs are awesome."

Tina Majorino's style leaned edgy when she was in a band with her brother

Tina Majorino is not just an actor — she sings as well and was in a band called The AM Project with her brother Kevin Majorino. In 2020, she shared a carousel of throwback pictures of the crew and wrote, "I was in a band, like a really cool one too." In the first two photos, Tina looked like a rock star in a '90s velvet slip dress and chunky black boots. Her brother had his own grunge style with plaid pants and a blue short-sleeved button-up over a black T-shirt.


Tina and Kevin didn't always get along but it was their love of music that brought them close together. "When he was going through his whole teenage thing, he just like wanted nothing to do with me. But as we got older and the age gap became less and less of an issue then it was really fun for us to be in the band together. Spending that kind of time was really nice because we had something to talk about; we had something in common, which always makes things easier," she told the Daily Emerald. Although the band is now defunct, fans can still hear Tina and Kevin on their shared podcast "No Pressure" and catch a glimpse of their lovely sibling bond.