Simone Ashley's Everyday Hair Is Absolutely Stunning

Simone Ashley always looks perfectly coiffed as Kate Sharma in Netflix's hit series "Bridgerton" and fans will be surprised that her everyday hair is nothing like we see on the show. In fact, Ashley revealed that most of the time, her carefully coiffed updos aren't even hers. "I love dressing up for 'Bridgerton.' The show has been a very special experience in my life and it's a job where I get to go to work and wear the most beautiful couture," she told Vogue. "The hair and makeup as well ... Farida [Ghwedar] does my wigs for 'Bridgerton' and they're just so beautiful. This season there are lots of floral and different Indian elements integrated, which is nice," Ashley shared.


When she's not filming, Ashley obviously lets her hair loose and free from the restrictions of wigs. And, while it's the same deep ebony color as her character's, the "Sex Education" actor's off-duty hair is way more relaxed and has gorgeous, natural waves which she styles with just a bit of product.

Simone Ashley loves to enhance her curls

Getting ready to play Kate Sharma has to be an extensive process for Simone Ashley, with elaborate hair, makeup, and pounds of heavy dresses. However, her everyday look is rather simple and she showed off her naturally curly locks complemented with a few layers around her face in a video for Harper's Bazaar UK. Ashley likes to keep her hair routine minimal and shared, "As soon as I've got out [of] the shower, I like to put in, like, a leave-in conditioner." After her hair is mostly dry, she takes a curling gloss and scrunches the product into her tresses with her hands. "If I've got time, I'll diffuse my hair, which is good for curly hair," Ashley told the camera. She added, "Less is more I feel because the more you put with curly hair sometimes it just weighs it down a little bit."


Ashley knows that taking care of curly hair requires some effort and shared with Harper's Bazaar, "I like to use hair masks ... and I like to scrunch it into my curls." Having layers in her hair also helps shape her waves and she advised, "Don't put too much heat on your hair, that's what I've [learned] from a young age. Embrace your curls." Ashley indeed follows her own advice and often wears her hair loose and wavy, which "Bridgerton" fans are all for.

Simone Ashley's vacay hair is effortlessly cool

We can't help but marvel at how Simone Ashley manages to make her curls look gorgeous and frizz-free while vacationing in the Caribbean. In a carousel of pics shared on Instagram, Ashley is channeling her role of Indira in "The Little Mermaid" with colorful bikinis, ocean-inspired jewelry, and of course, her naturally curly hair. "Simone might be on vacation but she doesn't have days off from slaying," a fan commented. Another gushed, "Thank you for giving brown deeper skinned South Asian girls like me who grew up with so much colorism in Asia and in the Asian media/fashion/beauty industry someone to finally relate to. You are STUNNING Queen!"


Allowing others to see her natural hair is important for Ashley and she relies on her go-to makeup artist and hairstylist to enhance her features. "I get emotional talking about this. They understand my skin and the texture of my hair, and when getting ready for events, we find the joy within it. And it's not a superficial thing — it's about normalizing dark skin and curly hair for girls who need to see that normalized," she shared with British Vogue. It's safe to say that Ashley is a beauty inspiration for fans everywhere.