The Most Stunning Celebrity Hair Transformations Of 2024 (So Far)

All the top Hollywood A-listers keep a talented team of stylists and beauty experts on standby, which means you never quite know what to expect when it comes to their hairstyles. It's beyond satisfying to see your favorite celebs stroll down the red carpet in the latest designs and looks, but it's always the hair that can be tricky to perfect. If they get the hairstyle right — and they make it look effortless — it can take a mediocre outfit and elevate it to runway-worthy standards. For this reason, we've kept tabs on all the top hair transformations in 2024 and noted several celebs who have hit the ground running.


It can feel impossible to keep up with the shifting cut and color trends as you transition between seasons. However, celebs such as Zendaya and Selena Gomez have nailed 2024 hair trends while staying true to their own unique sense of style. Many people are riding the short-hair wave, but it's important not to mindlessly follow trends if they don't suit you and your goals. These celebrity transformations show us exactly how style evolutions are done, and we're excited to see what they have in store for the rest of the year.

Zendaya wows with latest honey-dipped hair

Zendaya has embraced the old-money aesthetic with her new warm-blond hair. The Disney alum has undergone one of the most stunning beauty transformations during her transition from child actor to Hollywood "it girl." During the press tour for her 2024 film "Challengers," the young actor blew everyone away when she posed for photos in groundbreaking tenniscore outfits and her new blond lob. This is one of the most drastic celebrity hair changes in pop culture history and brunettes everywhere should be taking notes. If there was any doubt that she could pull off this sun-kissed sunflower shade, the string of "Challengers" press photos wiped them clean.


While getting ready with Vogue, Zendaya briefly discussed her decision to go blond for the "Challengers" promotional trip with stylist Law Roach. "That's why I dyed my hair. Just so it felt like a different press tour. A little reset," she said, although we'd liken it to more of a pivotal moment in style history than "a little reset."

Camila Cabello goes platinum for summer

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello has maintained her sultry brunette curls for years, but the "Shameless" artist recently took the plunge and dyed her hair icy platinum blond. Her dramatic hair upgrade was captured during a walk out in New York on June 12, creating a buzz around the Fifth Harmony alum leading up to her "C, XOXO" album release on June 28. The "Havana" singer's pearl-blond strands have transformed her entire look, signaling the beginning of her "Miami Girl" era.


On Alex Cooper's "Call Her Daddy" podcast, Cabello explained that she was in need of a "big, physical change." Celebrity colorist Nikki Lee shared a sneak-peak of the process from espresso brunette to cool platinum and said it took three whole sessions to complete during a L'Oréal Paris press release. "When going from almost black hair to platinum blond hair, it's important to be patient and understand that it's a process," she said (via Glamour). In our opinion, the finished product was certainly worth the effort. We also couldn't help but notice that Cabello skipped right over summer 2024's short hair trend in favor of her go-to wispy bangs and elbow-length locks — a refreshing decision considering how many celebs have hopped on the short-hair bandwagon.


Selena Gomez swaps Birkin bangs for Hollywood glamor

The former Disney star has truly come into her own in recent years, landing herself the title of fashion icon after her trendy wardrobe line-up at the 77th Cannes Film Festival back in May, 2024. She has since adopted a sophisticated style in which her hair plays a major factor. At the beginning of 2024, Gomez attended the screening of "Lola" in Westwood, California, where she presented a new fringe hairstyle with retro Birkin Bangs and tousled curls. It was a decidedly European chic look that we absolutely adored on the young millennial.


However, the French bangs marked a continuation of Selena Gomez's stunning hair transformation, as she showed off an even trendier hairstyle during Cannes and, honestly, we're still not over it. When she arrived at the "Emilia Perez" photocall, her Birkin fringe was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she debuted a cropped shoulder-length cut and a deep side part. The bold and bouncy style was reminiscent of the Old-Hollywood aesthetic, which made her look ever so elegant in all her festival ensembles.

Megan Fox is working her way through all the colors

Megan Fox is a celebrity chameleon and always has the best haircuts. Every time she attends a new event, the "Transformers" star goes above and beyond to delight her fans with a fierce new look. At the GQ Men of the Year party in November 2023, for instance, the actor arrived with a red-hot cowgirl bob that was perfect for fall. She later abandoned the vampy look for a coquette-inspired pastel pink this February.


Fast forward another few months and the A-lister cranked out another transformation at the Revolve Festival in Palm Springs, California, where she traded her bubblegum-pink locks for cool electric blue. "I actually have a blue bob right now," Fox told People this April. "We added the extensions in to give it more Coachella energy. I think I bleached it, and I destroyed it. So I might as well run through all the colors before I go brown." Potential hair damage aside, we can't deny how effortless she wears a shade that's notoriously difficult to pull off.

Sydney Sweeney's new bob is short hair goals

At this point in Sydney Sweeney's career, everyone associates the popular "Euphoria" actor with her signature blond locks, which she often styles with glamorous curls and heaps of volume. However, the "Anyone But You" star stunned fans when she chopped off her golden strands and opted for a fluffy bouffant bob in 2024. She debuted the short hairstyle earlier this year at events such as the 35th GLAAD Media Awards on March 14 in Los Angeles, California.


Her new 'do comes as some surprise to longtime fans, but according to Sweeney, there's a good reason for the sudden change. "You have to wait and see," she cryptically told People in March. We can only speculate that the short hairstyle is for an upcoming film or campaign, as she's kept mum about the details thus far. "I feel like my hair is super healthy and thick now," the "White Lotus" star said about her short strands. "It's kind of crazy!"