Why You'll Want To Add Tropical Prints To Your Wardrobe And How To Make It Happen

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Can you believe that robes went from pajamas to style staples in the fashion world? Jumpsuits are another significant trend, and one of the best ways to feel stylish in a jumpsuit or a robe-inspired look is to rock one of these pieces with a tropical print. According to Who What Wear, these tropical patterns have been all over the runways, making a fashionable comeback.

Anyone who wants more proof that tropical prints are becoming more stylish can search #tropicalfashion on Instagram, where more than 49,000 posts and counting pop up. You'll see bold tropical-printed pieces such as robe-inspired garments with this summery print, alluring dresses, creative tropical-inspired skirts, and playful sets that scream summer. Furthermore, when you search #tropicalprints, you'll see that this trend has made its way into home decor, with people enjoying tropical-inspired headboards and garden cushions.

Not only is flaunting a tropical print trendy, but it's a great way to get into a summery, relaxed mindset. If you want to add these carefree patterns to your wardrobe but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered.

Ways to rock this look

One concern people might have about investing in clothing with tropical prints is that these pieces might seem too bold for everyday wear. Although tropical patterns are naturally eye-catching due to their detailed and colorful designs, the proper styling can make them more subtle. For example, wearing a tropical print on a piece with a sophisticated cut — such as a maxi dress or a button-up blouse — will prevent this look from being too over-the-top (via Love Fashion & Friends). Or, pair a piece featuring this pattern with a more neutral garment to balance the outfit and let the garment with the tropical print be the focal point of your look. For instance, if you're wearing a skirt with a tropical print, try wearing a plain black or white blouse to avoid an overpowering look.

Another excellent way to rock a tropical print is on a bathing suit. After all, what better place is there to flaunt a beachy pattern than at an actual beach? If you're on the hunt for a swimsuit with a tropical print, you should look no further than the Lygia & Nanny Tropical-Print Swimsuit, per The Zoe Report. Or, if you're looking for a tropical-inspired maxi dress with some sexy cutouts, you should check out the Patbo Rio Cutout Printed Georgette and Stretch-Jersey Maxi Dress.

So, are you ready to break out some stylish tropical prints?

Rock a tropical print dress

There are plenty of gorgeous tropical print dresses available for anyone who isn't afraid to flaunt this fun print. Want some proof? You can find a plethora of dresses featuring tropical patterns on Instagram, such as sleeveless, colorful dresses, sexy dresses with slits, bold strapless looks, and ultra-bright looks. When you start shopping, you'll see that there are endless variations of dresses with tropical prints, so there's a dress for everyone!

Anyone looking for a long, dramatic dress with a tropical print and an enticing slit should check out the Tropical Print Off Shoulder Shirred Bodice Split Thigh Dress, available at Shein for $25. The multicolor dress's tropical pattern features mainly dark blue and green hues with some pops of orange for contrast and has 4.91 out of five stars. Furthermore, if you're searching for an option that stops around the ankle area, has skinny straps, and flaunts a daring cut-out, the Tropical Blooms Black Floral Print Tie-Back Cutout Maxi Dress is worth considering. You can purchase the maxi dress for around $55 at Lulus, where it has about four stars. Meanwhile, anyone who prefers minidresses should look into the Roxy Everything Is Fine Floral Print Minidress, selling at Nordstrom for $46.

Accessorize with a tropical print bag

Tropical print purses and tote bags give the "coastal grandmother" vibe. For those who aren't yet familiar with this, #coastalgrandmother has been popular on TikTok for a while now. It's all about dressing in a way that makes you look like a wealthy person who enjoys life by the beach. The aesthetic has been so popular that even #coastalgranddaughter has become a trend, too! So, why not ease into the style with a tropical print bag?

If you want to rock a crossbody spin on this idea with a bit of sparkle, you should consider the Bloom to Be Pink Multi Sequin Beaded Crossbody Bag, available at Lulus for $48. It has a perfect five out of five-star rating! Or, if you're hunting for an affordable tropical print tote bag to keep all your belongings safe for your next day at the beach, you should check out the Printed Canvas Tote Bag for Women. Available at Old Navy for around $6, this light and colorful 100% cotton bag has a near-perfect rating.

Moreover, Vera Bradley has many bags that are right on brand with the coastal grandmother aesthetic, so this is an excellent place to shop if that's the look you hope to achieve. For instance, the Utility Small Crossbody Bag in Recycled Cotton features an ultra-tropical Rain Forest Canopy pattern. Available for around $40, this petite bag has 4.3 stars.

Get beachy with tropical print bottoms

If you're not into dresses but want to flaunt a tropical print garment, why not invest in some bottoms with tropical print designs? Anyone who really wants to capture that summery spirit should consider donning shorts with these designs. For instance, the In Paradise White Multi Leaf Print Shorts are available at Lulus for just below $30. Made of 100% Rayon, these leafy shorts have four out of five stars. Furthermore, the Tropical Leaf Print Belted Shorts are available at Forever 21 for $20. Made of linen and cotton, the tropical-printed shorts have a perfect 5-star rating.

On the other hand, a skirt with a tropical print is perfect for a girlier vibe. The Allegra K Women's Floral Tropical Hawaii Boho Midi Wrap Skirt is available for less than $25 at Walmart, and this polyester skirt has a playful slit. Or, if you're looking for a longer skirt, the Island Experience White Tropical Print Maxi Skirt sells at Lulus for $45 and has a perfect 5-star rating.

Meanwhile, if you want to rock the tropical print look during more than just the summer season, you should purchase a pair of pants in this style. For example, the Tropical Print Palazzo Pants are available at Forever 21 for only $15. These colorful rayon pants have between four and five stars.

Hats, hats, and more hats

When we searched #coastalgrandmother and #coastalgranddaughter on Instagram, we noticed a good amount of stylish hats, so why not rock your own spin on this beachy aesthetic with a tropical printed hat? Wearing a hat with a tropical-inspired pattern is an excellent way to ease into this trend if you're interested in tropical prints but aren't sure about wearing clothes with bold tropical patterns.

If you want to jump on board a somewhat controversial trend and style a bucket hat, you should check out the Lizhide Reversible Bucket Hat for Women, Double Side Wear Beach Sun Cap. Available on Amazon for below $10, this bucket hat features a colorful tropical pattern with leaves and flowers. Try wearing it with a solid-color dress or your favorite bathing suit for a coastal vibe. Or, if baseball caps are more your style, you should consider the Floral Hawaiian Adjustable Snapback Hats Baseball Caps, also on Amazon. Selling for below $20, this tropical-printed polyester baseball cap has 4.1 stars and will pair well with casual outfits.

Moreover, if you hope to nail the coast grandmother — or coastal granddaughter aesthetic, the Tropical Print Bow Tie Straw Hat will help you rock that trend to perfection. Available at Shein for $10, this fashionable hat has a near-perfect rating. So, are you ready to start flaunting tropical prints?