What Are Beige Flags And How Do You Spot Them On Dating Apps?

We've all heard of red flags when referring to dating apps. We are sure to avoid anyone who goes heavy on the sweet talk, makes misogynistic comments, brags about themselves too much, or talks about their ex incessantly (via Intrepid Mental Health). Red flags are usually pretty easy to spot, and we can be sure to stay away from someone who shows up on our feed with these types of dating deal breakers.


Dating apps are not the easiest place to determine whether or not a person is a perfect fit for us. Oftentimes the pictures are hard to evaluate, the comments on their profile leave little to no clue, and there's only so much you can learn about someone from a computer snapshot. While red flags may be the easiest things to identify, a new dating trend coined by TikTok is also emerging. Instead of looking for red flags when trying to find a date, it's the beige flags that you don't want to miss.

How to spot beige flags

Beige flags aren't as easy to spot as red flags, but identifying them will save you time and energy while looking for your perfect match. According to TikTok, a beige flag is a sign that the person you may swipe right on is incredibly boring. These flags are harder to spot but just as important to notice. We've all been stuck on those never-ending dates where they warn you about themselves or talk for too long about their parents (via Intrepid Mental Health). Those dates seem to take forever to end, and oftentimes, the one who is incredibly boring doesn't realize what a bummer the evening has been. If you can spot a beige flag before you say yes to meeting, you'll save yourself from lost hours of dull conversation.


Some beige flags are as unimpressive as the person giving them. You can spot them by noticing unoriginal prompt responses or cliché answers saying they are intensely competitive or just love food (via The Tab). Other flags come if they ask you for money or won't send you any pictures of themselves. Still, others are not noticeable until you are on the date. If they do the bare minimum to impress you or never ask you questions about yourself, you can be sure they are not a keeper (via New York Post).

How to avoid giving off beige flags

One of the best parts about identifying a beige flag is not giving them off yourself. If you are not finding luck on dating apps, reflect on your approach. If you are only sending pictures of yourself and a bunch of friends, or you've only spoken about yourself and have never asked your potential date about themselves, you could be beige flagging all day. Notice how you approach each person, and if you are truly being your authentic self -– or as much as you can online -– then you should be fine. Give unique and specific answers to the prompts given by the site to clarify just who you are and what you want in a mate (via The Tab).


Beige flags aren't as noticeable as red flags, but if you train your brain to identify a person who would bore you endlessly if you ever met in person, you won't lose that precious time in your life trying to find a way out of the date (via New York Post). The next time a person is trying to make a connection with you but refuses to learn about you or take part in an authentic conversation, honor the beige flags they are giving by swiping left.