Elizabeth Okosun

Photo of Elizabeth Okosun
United States
University Of Missouri-Columbia
Nutrition, Recipes, Restaurants
  • When she's not writing, Elizabeth is trying to create the perfect homemade pesto.
  • Her favorite traveling activity is sampling local dishes to gain a deeper perspective on a city's culture.
  • Elizabeth maintains that the best dish on Earth is her mother's jollof rice.


With over five years of experience in journalism, Elizabeth has written about travel, food, and culture for multiple publications. In college, she wrote and edited recipes for fitness brands and worked in the service industry. As a writer for The List, Elizabeth has covered everything from the most unique places to stay in London to the Gordon Ramsay recipes you should whip up at home. Her work can be found in Men's Health, Oprah Daily, and more.


Elizabeth graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a bachelor's degree in journalism and a focus in arts and culture magazine.

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