Janelle Cox

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Buffalo, NY
State University College At Buffalo
Health And Wellness, Mental Health, Education
  • Janelle is a seasoned writer with over 12 years' experience writing for digital publications.
  • Janelle has an academic background in education and a minor in the study of human behavior and interactions.
  • Janelle's publication credits include Psych Central, TeachHUB, TeachHUB magazine, Graduate Program, Hey Teach, Cat Cat, ThoughtCo, and A-town is Our Town Magazine.


As a writer Janelle specializes in education, mental health, and health and wellness. She has 15 years of professional instructional experience and knowledge in education, including 10 years of developing online content for educational companies. She’s passionate about health and wellness, and about helping readers feel less alone in their struggles.


Janelle received her Bachelor's and Master's in Education from the State University College at Buffalo.
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