Robin Zabiegalski

Photo of Robin Zabiegalski
Burlington, VT
Community College Of Vermont, Northern Vermont University
LGBTQIA+ Health, Yoga, Mental Health
  • Robin was interviewed by Time Magazine for a feature on staying friends with exes.
  • For Health Digest, Robin conducted an exclusive interview with Jacob Sartorius about his experiences with the Wim Hof Method and his film "Breathe."
  • Robin is a 200-hr certified yoga teacher who is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an experienced Muay Thai practitioner. They also started an LGBTQIA+ martial arts class for teens.


Robin began their writing career as an Editorial Fellow for The Tempest, which was essentially a crash course in digital publishing. When Robin's fellowship was over, The Tempest asked them to stay on as the Senior Editor of the publication's Life and Love section. They worked with a team of 30 freelancers across the globe to produce, edit, and publish exceptional personal essays and op-eds. Since moving on from The Tempest, Robin has been a freelance writer, editor, and copyeditor for major digital publications including The Establishment, The Inquisitr, and Their work has also been published on Kinkly, The Establishment, Sexual Being, and The Talko. In 2021, Robin joined the Static Media team as a feature and interview writer for Health Digest. During their time writing for Health Digest, Robin interviewed several big names in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness spaces. Robin joined the Glam fam in early 2023, focusing on features that break down common health issues, sexuality, and healthy relationships into accessible fun reads.


Robin has an associate degree in Business Administration from the Community College of Vermont. They self-designed their bachelor's degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Communications from Northern Vermont University.

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