Beyoncé Just Got A Bob Haircut

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Photo: C/O

We all thought Beyoncé’s holiday gift to all of us was her “Perfect” duet with Ed Sheeran, but we were obviously wrong. Her real gift came this morning when she shared photos from the shoot she had with husband, Jay-Z, on vacation. Not only are the photos stunning, but they debut her new haircut: a perfectly poofed and curled bob that frames her face.

She is pictured rocking a black Chiaraboni bag, sheer Alice McCall playsuit, Marskinryypy sandals, and on-trend white sunglasses while on a boat with her hubby. In a separate shoot she’s standing on a Cleveland Cavaliers carpet wearing a Gucci bag, yellow pants, a camel sweater and matching suede boots, oversized tortoise sunglasses, and a red leather duster draped over her shoulders. Just yes to all of it.

The photos live on her eponymous blog in a series titled “CHICHI GET THE LLELLO PART 2.” The first time she used this famous Scarface line it sparked some controversy with fellow artist Azealia Banks, as it was also a line from her song. The mystery of what Bey is referring to is still unsolved, and we’ll have to wait and see if this stirs up anything more.

Until then, we’ll enjoy Bey’s stylish, cropped new ‘do.

Photo: C/O

Photo: C/O
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