Stylish Royals That Should Be On Your Fashion Radar

You've probably heard all about the stunning style transformation of Kate Middleton and know all about Megan Markle's post-royal looks. However, there are so many other royals all over the world who are making bold style statements, and doing it with class, too. Not only are there plenty of interesting royals who know how to dress, like the always polished Queen Raina of Jordan, but there are also some with connections in the fashion world (such as Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark), and even some who design clothes themselves, like the Princess of Thailand, Sirivannavari Nariratana.


While some of these women are displaying their style in traditional and classic ways, like former Princess Mako of Japan, others are breaking outside the box and showing that there are always new ways to express yourself, like the Princess of Eswatini (and recording artist!) Sikhanyiso. Whether you're interested in sophisticated and traditional royal styles or you want to see how today's royals are getting creative, here are some of the most fashionable royals you should know about.

Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria

When it comes to fashionable royals, Keisha Omilana, Princess of Nigeria, is one to watch. Often wearing bright reds, blues, purples, and burgundies, Keisha isn't afraid of color, or big, bold jewelry. Large earrings and necklaces with multi-colored beads are also style staples for this princess, who's an expert at blending traditional Nigerian styles with eclectic modern fashion. She isn't afraid to have fun with accessories, either, often donning things like heart-shaped sunglasses or skinny pompom scarves. Her hair is another way that she shows off her style. While she usually keeps it natural, she has also been seen rocking super-long blue ombré braids.


However, Princess Keisha's appreciation of fashion goes beyond her bold outfits; she's even launched an online magazine called SAXS Mag, which covers entertainment, royals, and, you guessed it, fashion. Talking to Business Insider, she says of it, "Well, believe it or not, it's been a solid 10 years of being in the works, if not a little bit more. And the main thing that inspired me was really the lack of interest in me trying to prove all the time that I am a working princess."

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark

Whether it's a paparazzi shot from Paris Fashion Week or a picture from her Instagram, it's clear that 27-year-old Princess Maria-Olympia has an impeccable fashion sense. Many of her outfits are both effortless and trendy and prove that she's absolutely up-to-date with what's hot in the fashion world. Often pictured in colors like black, gray, tan, and white, she's got the quiet-luxury look down pat. Oversized trenchcoats and dresses with simple cuts are also staples for her, but that doesn't mean she sticks to the basics. Bright pops of red appear on her Instagram grid, as do effervescent party outfits that include metallic shorts and fishnets.


It's no surprise that Princess Maria-Olympia would have great style, though. Not only has she interned at Dior, but she's also modeled for a range of high-class fashion houses, including huge names like Bulgari, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Princess Sofia of Sweden

The path to royalty wasn't typical for Princess Sofia of Sweden. In her early 20s, she worked as a model and even posed in the men's magazine Slitz, wearing only bikini briefs and a snake. She later spent some time on reality TV and also became a yoga instructor before meeting and marrying Prince Carl Phillip, with whom she has three children.


Although now she looks incredibly poised and serene in structured black jumpsuits and pastel dresses, life as a royal wasn't always easy for her. Speaking at the Let's Make Love Great Again Festival, per the Daily Mail, she said, "People had opinions about me and my relationship, and more. It was very tough. People had comments on everything possible, on what I do and how I look."

It seems now that she's put that behind her, due in part to her support of causes against cyberbullying. Of course, that's not the only thing that's notable about her. She truly has some stand-out style, wearing lots of airy light-blue dresses as well as more saturated colors, like bold reds and deep burgundies. Not only does she often wear both modern and classic dresses and gowns, but she can also be seen wearing chic clothing with charming traditional Swedish details, like the outfit she wore to her son Julian's christening in 2021.


Princess Charlene of Monaco

As a former Olympic swimmer, Princess Charlene of Monaco knows what it takes to stand out, and this applies to her fashion choices, as well. The super-glitzy sequin pantsuit she wore to the Bal de la Rose charity ball in 2024 is a great example of her simple but showy style. Ever since she became engaged to Prince Albert in 2010, those in the fashion world have been taking note of her natural charm. In an interview with Vogue in 2011, Princess Charlene recalled being approached by Karl Lagerfeld after her engagement. She recalled that the fashion designer said to her, "'You are going to be a style icon. You bring a breath of fresh air and modern glamour to Monaco.'" She ended up collaborating with him to create a pantsuit in a shade of blue that would later be called "Charlene Blue."


Charlene also opened up about the pantsuit and her style overall in another Vogue interview the same year, saying, "We wanted something to match the color of my eyes. It's feminine and keeps with tradition, yet has a little twist that reflects my personal style. I thought it was a nice change to go for trousers instead of a skirt, especially since I'm an athlete and have always kept my clothes clean and simple."

Queen Raina of Jordan

A mother of four, Queen Raina al-Abdullah believes in supporting Jordan's educational system and looks ultra classy while doing it, too. Ever since becoming Queen of Jordan in 1999, she's taken on a lot of causes, especially those that support women and children, and spends a lot of time with charities like The Queen Raina Foundation for Education and Development. Despite being a busy and involved working royal, she still manages to look effortlessly put together at the same time.


Even though she looks amazing in breezy skirts and button-down tops, Queen Raina knows how to rock a pantsuit like no other. From trendy gray oversized options, to bold blue suits in interesting cuts and double-breasted red power suits, Raina has truly made the pantsuit her signature look. That doesn't mean that's all she wears, though. She can often be seen in simple, chic, and modern dresses as well as dresses with traditional Jordanian details.

Princess Mako of Japan

Even though she may have given up her title in 2022, former Princess Mako of Japan has displayed some seriously regal style. Mako garnered major attention in 2017 when her engagement and intention to leave behind her royal status to marry a commoner were announced. While her decision to leave royal life behind may have made waves, it was in total contrast to her demure and sophisticated style.


In a 2022 press conference after her wedding, Mako could be seen in a simple, pale-blue dress. Her accessories were similarly simple, including some white pumps and a string of pearls. Many of Mako's other looks have a similar vibe and include structured, high-necked dresses that offer a lot of modest appeal. Pared-down accessories often seem to be the way to go for her as well. That said, she has made her share of appearances in bold, complex, traditional Japanese clothing.

Since leaving royal life in the past, art historian Mako lives in New York with her husband and continues to show off her style. Although now she's put some of her more formal looks behind her, she still displays a lot of understated elegance in her streetwear looks, rocking outfits that include long green skirts and comfy black cardigans.


Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser of Qatar

Sheikha Moza Bint Nassar is truly one of the most eye-catching and interesting royals out there. Not only did she make the 2010 Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list, but her outfits get noticed wherever she goes. Often wearing long dresses (which could lend themselves to an embarrassing royal mishap!) and head coverings that are all one color, she's worn her fair share of monochromatic outfits to inspire your one-tone looks. She frequently chooses hues that really flatter her like the indigo Valentino ensemble she wore to the Fashion Trust Arabia ceremony in 2021, as well as bold red, and rich shades of purple. Something else that's notable about her outfits is that they're all modest, in keeping with Qatar's standards for women's clothing.


Making Vanity Fair's 2009 international best-dressed list isn't the only thing that makes her a fashionista worth keeping an eye on. Her family bought the high-end department store Harrods in 2010, and Valentino in 2012, which means she doesn't just enjoy fashion; she's in the fashion business, too. Outside of fashion, Moza Bint Nassar also keeps herself busy doing things like raising awareness for the arts and getting involved with Qatari foundations and councils that support education, science, and medical research.

Lady Amelia Windsor of the United Kingdom

Lady Amelia, who often goes by "Mel" and is a third cousin to Prince Willian and Prince Harry, isn't just stylish (as a model, she's made her way onto more than one best-dressed list). The Duke of Kent's granddaughter has a passion for creating fashion, too. In 2018, she launched a fashion line with Penelope Chilvers, which she helped design and featured belts and shoes made with pink cowhide.


Amelia's style is both cultured and contemporary, with a focus on newer trends over classic looks. However, she believes that the real future of fashion is all about sustainability. Talking to The Telegraph in 2018, Amelia opened up about the topic saying, "Stella McCartney is someone to look up to in that sense, she makes the bigger point in her collection that you can be sustainable and stylish. That should be something that everyone looks for when they shop now ... "

Despite being super fashion-savvy, Amelia has also had her moments of feeling self-conscious. In a 2018 interview with Who What Wear, she discussed what she does to keep the right mindset, saying, "It's important to just take a step back, just realise what actually matters and not be too self-critical of what your appearance looks like because that's not what matters at the end of the day. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way."


Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand

Multi-faceted Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana is a true Renaissance woman. The daughter of the King of Thailand is not only accomplished as a badminton player and equestrian; she's also a poet and a fashion designer. Her fashion brand, Sirivannavari, is something she puts a lot of artistry into. Her 2018 show titled "Horse, Helen and Henri" was inspired by one of her own poems, and her 2019 show was titled "Naravanna" and was full of both futuristic and naturalistic themes. Many looks combined shiny metallic pieces with fringe, beading, and tribal accents. Sirivannavari's 2024 ready-to-wear line has plenty to get excited about too, featuring drapey trousers, bold blue corseted jumpsuits with flower appliqués, and ruffly white dresses.


Sirivannavari doesn't just design beautiful clothes; her personal style is also eclectic, feminine, and intriguing. She can often be seen in chic little black dresses, as well as flowing floral ones. It's clear that she already knows how to upgrade her LBD style with the best accessorizing tips. No matter what she's wearing, she knows just how to accessorize to take her outfit to the next level, whether pairing her light, layered dress with a bold, dark coat or coupling her simple dress with a super-glam hot-pink purse.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Having great style is nothing new for Queen Letizia, who worked as a news anchor before marrying King Felipe back in 2004. Over the years, Letizia worked for ABC, EFE, and Bloomberg TV, where she could often be seen on screen looking poised and put together in sleek hair-dos and simple jackets. One of her most notable looks was a hot-pink leather jacket paired with a pink-striped scarf that she wore while reporting on-site.


It seems that being on camera as a journalist prepared her well for royal life, where she, and her fashion choices, would be under a microscope. While her style has evolved past the simple clothes she wore as a reporter, Letizia still goes for a look that is polished, professional, and also on the girly side. Eye-catching lilac pantsuits and dresses are a go-to for her, as are soft-pink print dresses and simple, long pink coats. Queen Letizia has also proved that she isn't afraid to take on new trends. In a picture with the restaurant staff at Hotel El Patio taken in March of 2024, she could be seen in an oversized blazer and some chunky loafers.

Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan

Becoming a royal in 2011 at just 21, Jetsun of Bhutan is the youngest queen consort in the world. Prior to marrying King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, she attended Regent's University in London, where she studied a wide range of topics, including art history, psychology, and international relations. Over the years Jetsun has had three children, and done her share of traveling and royal work. On top of that, she's also managed to serve up some seriously gorgeous looks.


Dubbed by some as the "William and Kate of the Himilayas," this couple is on the world's fashion radar, and there are a lot of people taking notice of Jetsun's style. All of her looks have one defining feature, which is that they're ultra-sophisticated versions of traditional Bhutanese clothing. Often wearing a bold and colorful kira (a traditional Bhutanese dress for women), Jetsun glows in reds and yellows. In a 2024 family photo, she wore a purple kira with an intricate woven skirt, and a purple, gold, and red top.

Princess Sikhanyiso of Eswatini

Bold and outspoken, mother of two Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini of Eswatini has no problem addressing the state of her country's political landscape or using her rapping skills as an emotional outlet. Talking to ABC News about her decision to try rapping, she revealed, "People would tell me I have a mellifluous voice and so I thought to branch into rapping and I thought it was a way to express myself because, you know, when you grow up in the palace it is an isolated life really .... so I needed to find an outlet somewhere and I didn't have a diary so my diary was my pen and the studio."


However, it isn't just her hobbies that grab attention; this princess has some seriously note-worthy style, too. Frequently wearing bright and colorful looks that strike a balance between traditional and trendy, she knows how to try new things while also being true to herself. On her Instagram feed, she can be seen wearing things like a traditional green emahiya, a plunging aqua dress with fluffy floral details for family photos, and a red gingham jacket-and-short set paired with red heels.

Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Before marrying Prince Félix of Luxembourg in 2013, Princess Claire studied international communications at the American University of Paris and then went on to get a degree in Bioethics from the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum University in Rome. Eventually, she even went on to get her PhD in the field. However, bioethics isn't her only interest. In 2013, she co-founded a lifestyle company called Young Empire, which features décor and modern, comfortable-looking clothes.


Just as the clothing line she co-founded is full of low-key but colorful clothes, Princess Claire's own looks have a similar feel to them. Many of her dresses feature florals and lace and tend to be feminine and soft, like the high-necked sky-blue dress she wore for the National Day celebration in 2016. The mom of three has also shown she isn't afraid of some pops of color from time to time, as can be seen with the simple but ultra-bright yellow dress with small buttons and lace detailing that she wore to the civil wedding of Alexandra of Luxembourg and Nicolas Bagory in 2023.