Kim Kardashian Just Brought Back Those ’90s Chunky Highlights

chunky highlights

If there was any doubt that the '90s are back, Kim Kardashian just solidified the trend with her nineties-inspired collection for KKW Beauty called “90s Chic.” And for the campaign, the beauty mogul rocked one of the most memorable hairstyles of the decade: chunky highlights.

The trend, which featured thick stripes of highlighted hair contrasting against a darker base hue, was popular among celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Kelly Clarkson back in the day. Basically, all of Hollywood's It girls had them at the time.

And while Kim's updated version is a bit less chunky than we remember, it's still super nostalgic. To top it all off, the 38-year-old paired the hairstyle with a rusty-brown lipstick shade from her collection, a black choker necklace, and an all-black outfit for the full beat.

Andrew Fitzsimmons, the celebrity hairstylist responsible for the look, shared a behind-the-scenes shot of Kardashian in celebration of the campaign. “Obsessed with these beige-brunette chunky 90’s-ass highlights I created on @KimKardashian for the latest @KKWbeauty campaign,” he wrote in the caption.

Fitzsimmons later spoke to Allure about the process behind Kardashian's highlights, which he wanted to refine and modernize a bit. “The color was inspired by '90s supermodels, so we referenced photos that featured hair with very beautiful, very '90s chunky, sandy, blonde highlights against contrasting brown lowlights,” he said. “The base tone is a beautiful neutral brown with cool beige highlights.”

The entirety of the 90s Chic collection is based on this concept of updating '90s beauty for 2019. The range is full of neutral matte eye shadows, brown-nude lip colors, and smoky eyeliners that are perfect for recreating all the nostalgic looks of the grunge-glam era.

And to everyone's surprise, fans are loving Kim's look for the campaign. “Omg this hair color is GORGEOUS!!!!!” one user commented on Fitzsimmons' post. “It’s time for chunks to come back in a modern way,” said another.

Of course, Kim has a knack for bringing back some of the most iconic trends, but chunky highlights are a look we would like to remember as a thing of the past. So, yeah, we'll be sticking to the subtler, strandlighting technique for now.

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