3 Standard Hairstyles That Look Better With Healthy Hair


You don’t need to be an expert stylist to create a salon-worthy look; just recharge your go-to dos by upping the ante on the health of your locks. Healthier, stronger hair can mean the difference between a style that’s drab and one that’s fab—it doesn’t matter if the actual arrangement took you a mere five minutes.

Take the ponytail. Thick, glistening tresses cascading from the back of your hair-tie is sure to turn heads. It may be a run-of-the-mill style, but it’s how your hair stands out amidst it that matters.

Even braids look brighter with healthier hair. Split ends and breakage mean flyaways and strands sticking out from your carefully woven plaits. Strong strands will keep the hairdo looking sleek and smooth.

You can’t hide dull, desperate hair by leaving it down either. When your hair is free to hang along your shoulders, frizzy and unmanageable-looking locks are especially obvious. Your hair shouldn’t be a negative distraction but should act as a stylish extension of your look, with an emphasis on shine.

The fix is easy. Repair and restore with TRESemmé® Platinum Strength Collection, a line of hair-care products developed to fortify and strengthen hair. With the shampoo, conditioner, and intensive deep-conditioner moisturizing treatment, you’ll repair up to two years’ worth of damage and reinforce your hair’s natural protective layer. The result: more beautiful hair fit for any do. When you’re styling, keep the Platinum Strength Heat Spray close as well for extra protection against frizz- and breakage-causing hair tools.