A Gym Bag Makeover Will Motivate You To Get In Shape For 2013

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In January of every New Year, like clockwork, we hear the shouting coming from the rooftops (of the media, major corporations and retail brands) that it’s Makeover Time.

“It’s time to make transformational resolutions happen—New Year, New You!”

Sound familiar? But when it comes to fitness, making changes for exercise is easier said than done. It’s now well past January 1st, what have you done so far? Do you feel completely made over? If not, consider a new approach—a different kind of makeover—that works.

A great way to get motivated for the gym and a brand new fitness lifestyle is to give your gym bag a makeover. Yes, your GYM BAG. Styling up and equipping your gym bag with the right tools will help you shape up and get your butt to the gym more often.


  1. Don’t be a bag lady. Pick a gym bag that’s medium sized, carries easily, won’t hurt your shoulder and that isn’t an eye sore. Try a gym bag with a fun print or marking that won’t be easily mistaken for another. I love Y-3’s Day Gym Bag and Electric Yoga’s Bolt Bag.
  2. Prep your gym bag with stylish and functional accessories that are made for getting sweaty. I make sure my bag is pre-packed with my Handana, some Kitsch hair ties and my iFitness Armband. These accessories make jumping on the treadmill or elliptical machine super easy because you keep the sweat at bay, hair out of your face and music fully accessible.
  3. Pack snacks for pre and post workout. You’ll need a healthy treat to energize you before your workout and one to restore your muscles and body after your workout. For me, nuts are always the answer because they’re packed with protein. Emerald Nuts makes snack size/single serve nut mixes. I love their trail mix bags for a little sweet with my savory. SoyJoy bars are also super delicious, come in a ton of flavors and are sized to pack without killing your appetite for a more nutritious meal later.
  4. Separate your sneakers and dirty gym clothes from the rest of your stuff in your gym bag with water resistant drawstring bags or pouches. This will keep your gym bag from developing a foul odor. I even recommend giving it a little Febreeze spritz every once in a while or letting it hang near a window to air out.
  5. Not every locker room has what you need to freshen up after a sweaty workout. I recommend putting together a shower kit that stays in your gym bag containing dry shampoo, face wash, moisturizer, a brush and deodorant. Just imagine everything you’d need as a quick fix to feel clean and put together. To keep your bag light, opt for travel-size items. Primavera Life Skincare makes luxurious products, like their calming chamomile face cream, that will surely boost your post-gym-mood. Why not feel like there’s a spa in your gym bag? For when you’re extra rushed, body towelettes like Action Wipes or Fresh Feet Wipes are your best friend. I personally like adding scented body oil to my shower kit because they work with your body’s natural oils to neutralize bad smells. Perfumes will just give you away.
  6. Even when you’re sweating, complexion is a concern at the gym because you always want to look your best no matter what. There are lots of mirrors at gyms and if you don’t like what you see, you won’t go back! Put a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that matches your skin tone in your gym bag instead of loading it with heavy makeup.
  7. If you’re not sweating at the gym, shame on you! The point is that you go there to BURN calories! So make sure to always pack an extra pair of active underwear, socks and sports bra in your gym bag. Lacy thongs won’t do you any favors when their soaked and chafing your girly parts. I highly recommend checking out Bjorn Borg active undies. For inexpensive seamless sports bras, check out the C9 collection at Target.
  8. Treat your gym bag like your purse and put important things like business cards, cash, ID’s and keys inside one of the pockets. You want to make your bag accessible for you to do things before and after the gym. You never know who you’ll meet at the gym (someone cute or someone who may be an excellent business contact) and you want to make sure you can give them your card or grab dinner if the opportunity arises,
  9. Place your gym bag next to the door you leave from every morning, the night before your gym date. By doing this, you’re making good on your commitment to go to the gym and you won’t “accidentally” forget your bag and have an excuse to skip your workout.
  10. Keep your stuff safe in gym locker room and your mind worry-free by packing a lock that has your back. This might seem obvious but how many times have you forgotten your combination? Don’t be the girl that has to ask the gym staff to go into the locker room and break your lock! I’ve been that girl too many times and it’s such a hassle. With Wordlock Locks, all you need to remember is the word you set as your unlocking code. You’ll never have a problem forgetting your combo again!

Bianca Jade, a leading lifestyle, beauty and fitness expert, is the founder and editor of top fitness, fashion and wellness website, MizzFIT.com. Known to her readers as MizzFIT, Jade brings the latest trends in fitness apparel and accessories from around the globe, highlighting active wear from both emerging designers and major luxury sportswear brands. Through her writing, Jade is continuously committed to furthering a movement of feel-good exercise and female empowerment.