Beauty Buzz: Katy Perry Unleashes Her Inner Animal, Britney Bags a Bob, and What’s a “Serum-sicle?”


After sliming her strands green in the spring, Katy Perry has a new shade to show off. Perry showed off her new look, a blend of pink and red customized by colorist Daniel Moon, on her Instagram featuring the famous muppet Animal as her hairspiration. Guess we know what her Halloween costume will be already! [Instagram]

New venture, new ‘do, Britney Spears? The coif chameleon has swapped out her extensions for a brand new bob as she debuted her lingerie line in Oberhausen, Germany. While we love the new look, we doubt it will last as she still love her loose waves. We’ll just have to wait and see! [People]

We know Kate Moss uses ice cubes for more than just chilling drinks, but there’s a new beauty brand taking the idea to the next level. Mila Moursi’s Cryo Serum is a freezable, brightening treatment that you freeze and rub onto the face through a gauze sachet. But at $155 for a box of eight cubes, we’ll just stick to frozen H20 for now. [Refinery 29]

Who wants to spend half an hour on her hair? Not us. Katie Holmes has become an expert when it comes to a low maintenance mane, and she’s even sharing tips on how to nab a few of hassle-free hairstyles. Our favorite tip has to be styling your hair while you sleep so you can get up and go with gorgeous hair! [The Telegraph]

Juara is lending a hand to cancer survivors without painting anything pink by partnering with Cancer and Careers. 10% of all sales generated from the brand’s site will benefit the non-profit, which works to help empower and educate those battling the disease to thrive in the workplace. The founders explained, “As women entrepreneurs, we created JUARA to help women “champion” their natural beauty, but also because we wanted to take control of our own lives and become champions of our own” [Glam Inbox]

Moroccanoil is keeping it fresh, and we’re not talking tresses. As part of its Inspired by Women initiative, the brand is highlighting incredible women out to reshape the world in their own way. FreshPaper founder Kavita Shukla is the latest leading lady to join the girl gang, and shared her story of inventing a spiced paper that keeps fruits and veggies fresher longer. Now that’s a fresh way to go green! [YouTube]