Booties and Boyfriend Jeans: Styling The Unstoppable Fall Combo Like a Celeb


Jessica Alba and Julianne Hough had the same October style vision: distressed boyfriend jeans and booties. The look, comfortable yet chic, is the epitome of fall cool.

To nail the style, it's key to start with the right pair of denim. While boyfriend jeans are by definition loose fitting, they shouldn't be falling off your hips. Pick a pair like Alba and Hough's that feels roomy in the thigh but tapers around the knee. Make sure they have a bit of give too–nobody wants to be constricted by a stiff pair of pants. Roll your jeans up to the top a pair of ankle skimming booties¬†for a laid back look that shows of your shoes.

Autumn is all about the layered look, so style the top half of your outfit with a mix of cool pieces. Alba opted for a tee and blazer combo and Hough a button down and sweater. Both actresses made sure that their top wouldn't cover their jeans, even tucking in the front for a cleaner look. Too many baggy pieces paired together will look bulky and sloppy , so if you're going with a loose blouse, make sure it stops at your waist.

Lastly, accessorize with your own personal touches. Luxe leather totes in rich neutrals go hand in hand with autumn, as do chic hats and scarves. Choose them in styles that are right for you.

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