Bradley Cooper Rocks Rollers On Set


Bradley Cooper may already have dreamy tresses, but he now understands that some beauty rituals take more time than others.

The studly star was spotted in Boston on Friday on set of the as yet untitled David O. Russell/Abscam project sporting the tiny pink rollers usually used for perms. While it’s not known how long he was in the stylist’s chair, we’re betting it was at least an hour or two with his short locks.

The initial idea for the hairstyle stemmed from a camera test he did for the project back in January. “We were playing with the idea of [my character] having curly hair. Like rollers in the hair!” he told E! News.

The Hollywood hottie showed a bit of skin as he stepped out of the chair in a military green button down and cargo pants, proving you can still be masculine when getting primped. We can’t wait to get a peek at the final results!