Current Obsession: Indoor Plants and Their Placements


When decorating a space, we tend to think of the artwork, ceramic accents or little knick knacks that will fill our homes and give a glimpse into our personalities. But one of my favorite items for home decor gets glazed over by many. This month, I’m obsessing over indoor plants. They’re a great accent for any space and depending on the type you get, they can require little maintenance (perfect for the girl-on-the-go).

I just love how they look aesthetically – always so clean and vibrant – and how they’re able to clean and cool the air around you. Big or small, an indoor plant can be just the right piece to pull your entire room together. Below are the three ways I’m incorporating plants into my life.

Hanging Plants – One of the greatest things about hanging plants is that they not only add dimension to a room, but they also fill a space without cluttering up your credenza or desk. There are some incredibly unique plants and hangers that will liven up your room – I’m a fan of this simplistic geometric-inspired Himmeli Hanging Planter from HRUSKAA on Etsy.

Table succulents – The chicest of living centerpieces, succulents breathe life into a room and are ideal for those who haven’t quite mastered keeping plants alive. They come in an array of colors – purple plants are always welcome in my home – and textures. You can embrace a mossier centerpiece for an earthy relaxed feel or Hens and Chicks and Panda Plants for a clean, crisp look. And if you don’t want them lying around, place them on your wall in a gorgeous piece like Williams Sonoma’s Diftwood Wall Art.

Single trees – One free standing plant might be all you need to brighten up your room, giving your space a fresh edge. Placing a tall plant in the corner can add a pop of color to an otherwise muted room. A Pachira plant (also known as a Money Tree) is the perfect way to include a unique accent to your living room. It’s not your typical plant – the trunk twists together for a conversation-worthy base. It’s also incredibly easy to take care of!

What are your favorite indoor plants?
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