DVF Left Lincoln Center to ‘Do Something Special’


We imagine that it wasn’t an easy decision for Council of Fashion Designers of America president Diane von Furstenberg to leave the tents amid all the talk of how much of a zoo New York Fashion Week’s official venue has turned into.

Turns out, this wasn’t a political statement after all. This year marks the 40th anniversary of DVF’s iconic wrap dress. “My decision was purely because of the anniversary year,” she told theNew York TimesCathy Horyn. “I want to do something special.”

There you have it, folks. Nothing to see here. Just a designer wanting a little more creative freedom to celebrate her milestone as she sees fit. Perhaps she’ll return to Lincoln Center for the Spring shows in September. After all, she did say that “she’s excited that they’re trying to get it together at Lincoln Center,” considering it will be quite a while until the Culture Shed is ready to go.

We can’t wait to see how DVF makes her Spring Studios venue into ‘something special!’