Falling into Kate Bosworth’s Topshop Winter Wonderland



Topshop brought mystery to their holiday excitement this year, teasing fans with a game by asking them to surmise which starlet would be fronting its seasonal campaign. As guesses rolled in through social media using the hashtag, #WhosThatGirl, the retailer finally announced Kate Bosworth as the beauty!

In a short video directed by her fiancé, Michael Polish, Bosworth stands on top a of a grand piano in London's Café de Paris, singing Winter Wonderland in a sparkly, long sleeved cocktail dress. A fashion icon in her own right, and an experienced designer given her collaboration for StyleMint, Bosworth teamed up with Topshop to create her custom made dress and shoes, which will be available as a special made-to-order option on Topshop.com beginning in February 2013!

“We wanted to create something cinematic. To marry fashion and cinema,” Bosworth said. “This combination lead us to the movie ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys.’ It wasn't that we wanted to recreate the movie, but play on our perception, particularly the scene where Michelle Pfeiffer sings ‘Makin' Whoopee.’’’

Between her intoxicating voice, the snowfall, and that lust-worthy dress, Topshop officially has us in the holiday spirit!