Five Surprising Beauty Products Featuring Coconut Water


Coconut water has long been a popular elixir throughout Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Now it’s becoming big business in the USA, and it’s gained popular as a naturally restorative beverage that gives new life to athletes who are drained from their exertions, and a healthy drink that can restore your electrolytes. A lot is known about coconut water as an internal healthy benefit, but now the liquid I grew up drinking straight from the nut is being used in all kinds of new, topical ways.

Being from the islands, I pride myself on being something of a coconut water connoisseur, but using coconut water on my skin was something unique to me. According to these brands, the external benefit of coconuts doesn’t just have to come from the oil. Turns out coconut water can refresh and hydrate and beautify you from the inside, and out. Here are five products on the market that use the power of “Nature’s Gatorade” as a main ingredient:

  1. Joey New York Young Coconut Water Complex Day Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo: Known for unique and highly effective skin treatments, Joey New York tapped into the tender green coconuts for this eye treatment, which is said to firm and soothe the gentle skin there. 
  2. Everyday Coconut Coconut Water Toner: Formulated with neem oil and papaya, this product aims to prepare your skin for the day by balancing and neutralizing surface impurities. 
  3. Super by Perricone Super Hyper Hydrator with Coconut Water: An intense moisturizer that manages to be as light and refreshing as coconut water. Trust Dr. Perricone to tap into MCT, the natural esters found in coconuts that give them their skin quenching power. 
  4. Pacifica Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes: Gentle, calming and SLS free, these are loved by beauty bloggers for their efficacy and supreme gentleness. 
  5. Dial Coconut Water and Bamboo Leaf Extract Hydrating Body Wash: The fragrance is gentle and the intent is moisture and hydration. This is a great summer body wash.

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