From Gotham to Glam: Bats, and Cats, and Forever21 (Oh My!)


Holy cats, Batman! Forever21 is introducing its newest collection of men and women's apparel this fall and you could say it has a certain animalistic appeal. The collection will feature 63 pieces, including purr-fect faux fur coats, cat-eye sunglasses, and apparel with the authentic iconic Batman logo in collaboration with DC Entertainment. The Bats & Cats collection (just in time for Halloween!) will be fronted by Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, the ultra-gorgeous model daughter of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor.Catwoman fans, don't fret! Not only will the collection feature Batman logo apparel for both sexes, but Catwoman will be making an appearance with cheeky knits and catty accessories.

“We have been enthralled with the animal emergence and took to cats, epitomizing a soft femininity and bats, symbolizing our desire for nocturnal nonconformity for an updated approach to the trend,” said Betsy Zanjani, Forever 21 SVP of Product Design. “This limited-edition line will allow our customers to discover unique and contemporary merchandise with a nostalgic charm of bats, cats and the iconic Super Heroes of Gotham City.”

The fun and fiesty line will fly into stores and online at come September 27th, 2013. We can't to grab some fun accessories to accent our Catwoman costume. Meow!