How to Care For Your Hair During The Winter Months

Your locks need extra TLC during winter, when harsh temperatures can cause them to be dry, brittle, and frizzy. Check out our tips for giving your hair some additional love when it’s cold outside.

1. Cut Out a Wash (or Two)
Broken strands—caused by a lack of moisture—cause frizzy hair. By skipping a wash, you’ll avoid overdrying strands and allow natural oils to keep your hair moisturized.

2. Condition, Condition, Condition
Your hair needs protection and moisture to stay fresh and healthy during the cold, dry winter months. We love Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, which keep our locks soft, healthy, and nourished.

3. Keep It Lukewarm
When washing and rinsing your hair, avoid turning up the heat. Washing tresses with lukewarm or even cold water will lock in moisture.

4. Pat Dry
Bath towels can be too rough on hair and cause breakage. Instead of rubbing your head dry with a towel, gently pat out excess moisture. We also like microfiber hair towels, which are ultra-absorbent and designed to reduce frizz and drying time.