Interior Upgrades: 6 Design Revamps for Your Space


1. Upgrade your faucets to add a fresh feel to your bathroom and kitchen space. Fixtures tend to lose their luster and even tone over time, so replacing them with something more polished and luxurious adds subtle sophistication to the room, without major renovation. We suggest investing in a look deeply rooted in high-end design that stands the test of time—a stylish DXV by American Standard faucet, providing super-smooth handle operation, dripless performance, and durable construction designed to remain trouble-free—and, best of all, each and every elegant DXV sink adornment is built to last.

2. Swap out the throw pillows on the couch and accent chairs to keep them in theme with the season. Brighter colors and pastels are more appropriate for warm weather, while deep, rich hues are good accessorizing shades in autumn and winter. Stick to colors that match the rest of the room but that fall within the appropriate seasonal palette.

3. Switch out the sink in the kitchen for a new look. The hardest-working appliance in the home deserves an upgrade, after all. With DXV by American Standard’s help, choose among sleek stainless-steel industrial designs or chic country styles made of fine fire clay, with single basins or double bowls, and so much more. DXV knows not to underestimate the importance of elegance when it comes to each and every home appliance, and their sinks are no different. Simple yet chic, luxurious but effortless, these timeless sink designs have a universally sophisticated appeal.

4. Add fun area rugs to rooms with hardwood floors. Depending on the other decor already arranged, choose a solid color or print, an appropriate fabric, and a corresponding color scheme.

5. Create new color in a room by adding an accent wall. Also known as a feature wall, it creates drama in a space via a stylish pop of color that contrasts with the other, softer-hue walls. We promise, it’s not as intimidating as it seems. If you’re wary, try out the look in one of your smaller rooms, such as the bathroom or office, before going bold in the bedroom or living room.

6. Change the hooks and holders in your bathroom to more appealing accessories. The subtle upgrade of your old towel bars and rings with pieces boasting a more dignified design and sleeker, shinier finish will make the space look like new. Keep things in sync and choose from styles offered by DXV by American Standard to match your new faucet fixtures.