Jennifer Lawrence is Vogue’s September Cover Girl and Our Girl Crush


If you don't already have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, prepare yourself. As rumored, Hollywood's newest IT girl scored the coveted September 2013 cover of Vogue, looking nothing short of sassy and sweet, all at the same time.

During her in-depth interview, Lawrence shows again and again why she's so likable. Not only is exceptionally talented (a fact which is unquestionable) but she's beyond down to earth and easy-going. Case in point? She proceeds to order a beer at 1 pm in the afternoon at the Odeon, a restaurant she picked simply because she liked the name. She jokes with her driver as if he's her BFF as opposed to an employee, off the cuff commenting, “There’s too much traffic. You’re fired.” After seeing a fellow diner snapping her photo, she asks her politely to stop, but is then mortified at the possibility she was too rude in her request.

Not convinced yet? It gets better. Midway through the interview, her best friend and assistant shows up, who has just come from a meeting with her ex-boyfriend. Lawrence sizes her up and immediately says, “P.S. Perfect outfit. And your butt looks great in that skirt.” After giving her outfit approval, the girls discuss each and every part of the conversation. J.Law, she's just like us!

Read the full interview here.