Neon Carnival: How to Go Day-Glo at Coachella


urban remedy

One guaranteed way to stand out at on the desert runway that is Coachella Music Festival is to invest in something neon. Anything neon. And trust us, day-glo never looked so good.

1. Models Own Neon Brights Nail Polish available at for $8.31

2. Faceted Triangle Studs available at for $1.80

3. Forever 21 High-Low Chiffon Skirt available at for $12.80

4. PacSacs Green Genie available at for $16.997. Carrera Eyewear 55mm Sunglasses available at for $99.00

5. Brita Hard Sided Bottle available at for $18.99

6. Neopop Hair Ties (5-Pack) available at for $10.00

Top off your neon look with a haute headband, we found 10 for you to shop. Look refreshed all day with these beauty picks, you'll thank us.