Star Scoop: Seth MacFarlane May Take Oscars 2014, Daft Punk Gets Lucky with Pharrell, Amanda Seyfried Wants ‘Mean Girls’ Musical


After his riotous run at the 2013 Academy Awards, Seth MacFarlane is rumored to be returning for next year's ceremony. After one of our favorite funny girls, Tina Fey, confirmed she won't be taking on Oscars hosting duties, its been alleged that this year's producers have asked the Family Guy creator to return. Despite his mixed reviews and that buzzed-about “We Saw Your Boobs” song, MacFarlane's Oscars was the most-watched entertainment awards show in the past three years with over 40 million viewers. [Huffington Post]

Saint Laurent's latest muses, Daft Punk struck a magical chord with producer-rapper Pharrell. The electro-pop pair released “Get Lucky” today, the first single from their new album, Random Access Memories, which will be released internationally from May 17th-May 21st. [Pitchfork]

What's fetch? Mean Girls is coming to Broadway. While the play version of the Tina Fey screenplay has yet to be written, we can confirm two developments: Fey's husband, Jeff Richmond will be scoring the production and Amanda Seyfried wants to reprise the role of (drumroll please), Regina George. Cast in the movie as Karen, the boob-tastic blonde with ESPN (yep, you read that right), the Les Mis alum told Allure that she “desperately want[s] to be Regina.”[CNN]

The story of everyone's favorite serial killer is coming to an end. Showtime's hit series Dexter will officially be going off the air after season eight runs this summer. That doesn't mean we won't be in for a few surprises! Enter showrunner Scott Buck who opened up to Entertainment Weekly about what's in store for the epic finale. Spoiler alerts ahead! [Entertainment Weekly]

Our favorite California Gurl is on her way to a “schizophrenic” return to the mic. Katy Perry revealed that she's halfway done with her followup album to 2010's Teenage Dream (was it really that long ago?), and that a song called “Double Rainbow” will appear on her new album. [MTV]

Move over, MySpace! Twitter has entered the music game. The microblogging social network launched its Twitter #music app yesterday, a standalone service that “uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists.” And best of all, it's free! [Mashable]