The Ultimate Halloween Entertainment Guide

Halloween is fast approaching, which means one thing: Halloween-themed TV shows and scary movies are about to hit the airwaves. If the trick-or-treat holiday is one of your faves, we've got an entertaining list of must-see spooky hits for the big and small screens.


October 1st- SyFy is already halfway through their 31 Days of Halloween marathon. In the coming weeks, expect all kinds of entries into the horror genre like the Saw films and original SyFy series like Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.

October 16th- AMC will kick off it's annual “Fear Fest” marathon with the return of its hit show The Walking Dead. AMC's Halloween marathons have gotten very popular with a list including the Halloween and Friday the 13th films airing right before the 31st.

October 19th- ABC Family is expanding their horror horizons with a Halloween special of their hit guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars. The show is airing a special prequel that may expose some of the liars' dark truths.

October 24 and 25th- Hallmark will take a more home-y approach to Halloween with Martha Stewart's Haunted House and two Emeril Lagasse specials: Halloween Treats for Kids and Halloween Isn't Just for Kids: Grown Up Treats.

October 28th- Travel Channel is also getting into the haunting spirit with the season premiere of two shows Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files.

October 28th- If you're partial to staying within network television, check out the series premiere of NBC's new dark fairy tale drama Grimm along with the final season premiere of Chuck.

Don't forget Halloween themed episodes of your favorite shows like The Office,Castle, and many more. And there's always the dark shows like Supernatural and the new series American Horror Story to fall back on.


2011 DVD Releases- Insidious: Sure, this movie came out in April, but that doesn't make it any less scary or worthy of Halloween. Arguably the best horror movie this year, Insidious brings the thrills with no gore and hardly any blood. It's definitely worth your time this Halloween season.

October 14th- The Thing: Remaking a classic is difficult. So the cast and crew behind this new release have made a prequel to the 1982 horror great with the same name. Starring relatively unknown stars like Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and Joel Edgerton (Warrior), this new film becomes the cause of the problems faced by the scientists from the 1982 film and judging from that film, it's unlikely anyone will survive in this prequel. But figuring out the villains and survivors is one of the best parts of watching a horror movie.

October 21st- Paranormal Activity 3: This is the film most horror movie fans are desperately waiting for. The first Paranormal Activity was a huge hit and now the story continues with the two sisters, Katie and Kristy, as young girls facing supernatural forces for the first time. The first two films have referred to the evil things that happened to them during their childhood and now all of our questions will be answered.

So what else are you excited to see? There are still several horror films and thrillers still in theaters like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Straw Dogs, Contagion, Fright Night and Shark Night. If ever there was a year to have a great Halloween TV and movie marathon, this is it.