10 Bottles Of Rosé That Capture The Spirit Of Summer

best rosé wine

Summer water season starts now! Thanks to clever marketing and a strong social media presence, pink wine has come to symbolize all things summertime. According to Nielson, rosé purchases are on the rise, expanding total wine sales, and they peak during warm-weather months. With fresh and fruity flavors that pair well with seafood and barbeque, that comes as no surprise really. Its easy-drinking, leisurely vibes don’t hurt either. So, to celebrate National Rosé Day on June 9 (yes way!), we sipped our way through wine shops to bring you best bottles of 2018.

best rosé wine

The Palm by Whispering Angel, France

Average price: $15

Crisp and dry, this pale pink wine is a blend of Grenache, Cynsault, and Syrah from Côteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. It opens with aromatic orange blossom on the nose followed by fruitier notes like strawberry on the palette for a subtly-sweet finish.

best rosé wine

Stars Like Ours Rosé by Tank Garage Winery, California

Average price: $20

With flavors of white peach, strawberry, citrus, and green melon balanced by a clean minerality, this wine, hailing from Napa Valley, is not too sweet or acidic.


Meiomi Rosé, California

Average price: $25

This pink pick, comprised predominantly of pinot noir, opens to delicate aromas of watermelon, orange peel, and subtle hints of rose petal. Expect a bright acidity and lush mouthfeel.

best rosé wine

Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Cotes de Provence, France

Average price: $18

Sourced from Provençal vineyards, Fleurs de Prairie blends Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah. With ocean-influence and delicate flavors of strawberry, rose petals, and herbs, this medium-bodied wine is both elegant and easy-drinking.

best rosé wine

SAVED Magic Maker Rosé, California

Average price: $17

A provençal-style rosé out of California, this crisp, dry wine blends Grenache, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Sangiovese. Juicy flavors like strawberry with hints of white peach on the nose give way to tangy tangerine and green apple.

best rosé wine

Franciacorta Castello Di Gussago Rosé, Italy

Average price: $28

A vibrant wine with delicate bubbles, it's made with chardonnay, pinot blanc, and pinot noir, which gives the desired rosy hue, and is produced by the traditional method of re-fermentation in the same bottle (the “champagne method”). You'll find an enveloping flavor profile of berries with hints of spice and cream.

best rosé wine

Yellow Tail Rosé, Australia

Average price: $7

Don't let its price fool you: Yellow Tail sources its wine from the highest quality vineyards in south eastern Australia. A burst of fruity flavors like white peach, red cherries, and strawberries is balanced by a refreshing acidity for a fresh mouth feel.

best rosé wine

Summer Water Rosé, California

Average price: $23

Light and crisp, Summer Water is the definition of easy-drinking. Made from grenache and syrah, it boasts a bouquet of rose and orange blossom with fresh, fruity flavors like strawberry and pink grapefruit.

best rosé wine

Pursued by Bear Blushing Bear Rosé, Washington

Average Price: $33

Crafted in the Columbia Valley, this dry rosé has flavors of strawberry, white peach, and melon with underlying minerality and a long, clean finish.

best rosé wine

Wölffer Estate Finca Rosé, Argentina 

Average price: $18

Complex and crisp, this pink wine has a balanced blend of ripe berries, peach, and citrus with hints of salt and sundried grass, like the air in the Argentinian countryside.