Buttered Popcorn Oreos Are Supposedly Hitting Shelves Soon

buttered popcorn oreos

New year, new Oreo flavors. Dark chocolate? About time. Carrot Cake? Okay, you’ve got our attention. Buttered Popcorn? Wait, come again?

According to The Junk Food Aisle, the buttery new flavor is coming to store shelves soon. The Chicago-based blogger, who tried the cookie before knowing what flavor it was, first described a fruity taste, which is, well, strange. “Weird but true: I got to try one of these last month without being told what flavor it was, and I would have put all my money on it being ‘Pineapple’ after just licking the crème,” reads the review on Instagram.

But after eating the entire cookie, the taste was more comparable to “everyone’s least favorite Jelly Belly.” To which we say, speak for yourself. According to a recent study, the buttered popcorn jelly bean is the nation’s favorite. Not to mention, the sweet and savory base remains one of Jelly Belly’s top 10 flavors sold.

So, with that said, it makes sense Nabisco is trying their own iteration of the salty snack. People like popcorn, even in the form of artificially flavored foods. And though the company has yet to confirm, from the looks of the packaging, the Buttered Popcorn Oreos will consist of two golden sandwich cookies and a buttery cream filling.

According to rumors, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Oreos are also in the works. So, yeah, consider movie nights made.