Jennifer Lopez Looks Better Than Ever In Her Latest Swimsuit Photo

jennifer lopez

It's become pretty clear that Jennifer Lopez is aging in reverse. The dancer, singer, and living icon looks better than ever at 50 years old, leaving everyone to wonder how she stays in such incredible shape. Treating fans to a series of photos that show off her famous curves, J.Lo's Instagram has been garnering a lot of attention lately, and her most recent swimsuit shot has only heightened the buzz around her figure, particularly her backside.

Over the weekend, the pop star posted a photo of herself sprawled out on a hammock as she soaks up the sun and ocean views. “I [heart emoji] summertime,” she wrote in the caption. And while the relaxing scene is enough to induce envy, the real focus is on J.Lo's impossibly toned body. She's wearing a super-sexy, backless one-piece swimsuit that shows off her muscular back, thighs, and booty.

The post has nearly 3 million likes, and the comments section is flooded with fire and heart eyes emojis, because obviously. “This is 50?!? I need what J.Lo’s having,” writes one follower. “I'm sure you just don't age,” adds another.

So, how does she do it? J.Lo hasn't been shy about posting all of her hard work on social media. Not only has she been dancing on stage every night in her recently-concluded “It's My Party” concert tour, but she also frequently shares clips of her and fiancee Alex Rodriquez hitting the gym together.

Of course, Lopez also puts considerable work into targeting her booty. Last year, her longtime trainer David Kirsch shared some of her favorite moves with Jennifer Lopez’s go-to butt-targeting workout, straight from her trainer

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Well + Good, which combine cardio and bodyweight training.

To keep her backside toned to perfection, Kirsch says she regularly incorporates single-leg deadlifts, sumo lunges, squat jumps, reverse lunges, and plie toe squats. Basically, a whole lot of squat variations. Many fitness professionals have praised the combination of cardio and strength training for maximum fat burning, so it's not surprising that Kirsch would recommend this regimen for Lopez.

Whatever J.Lo's doing, it's certainly working for her. Now, where do we sign up?

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