20 Of The Best Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes That Won't Break The Bank

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We enjoy enhancing our eyes with mascara, eyeliner, and, of course, eyeshadow. While mascara makes our lashes more luxurious and eyeliner is convenient for added intensity, we love how there's so much we can do with eyeshadow. After all, it's so versatile that people can use it for subtle or dramatic looks and anything in between. Eyeshadow is also excellent for making our eyes pop and creating artistic looks through blending and designs.


Believe it or not, more than 24 million posts popped up when we searched #eyeshadow on Instagram, and we understand why. If you truly want to elevate your look, you'll benefit from rocking some eyeshadow. And anyone interested in experimenting with eyeshadow will find all the inspiration they need on Instagram, whether you like a bold and contrasty look, an upbeat warm yellow style, or a sparkly smokey eye. You'll need a reliable palette to achieve most eyeshadow looks, whether simple or advanced, but why break the bank if you don't have to?

How we selected the drugstore eyeshadow palettes

We think everyone should have fun with eyeshadow without spending ridiculous amounts, so we rounded up our favorite palettes that you can get from a drugstore. These eyeshadow palettes will help you explore different looks without overspending, and we genuinely like each palette. Here at Glam, we believe that our readers deserve the best, whether we're rounding up eyeshadow palettes, square-toe sandals that are perfect for any occasion, or waterproof mascaras you can find at the drugstore. Therefore, we don't take our research lightly.


When we conducted our research for this article, we searched for drugstore eyeshadow palettes based on different factors our readers might be looking for, such as hues, size, and intensity; we want to make sure there's something for everyone's preferences. Plus, we thoroughly read countless product reviews and searched social media to see which products are genuinely worth the hype, all while keeping the price in mind. With that said, we're very excited about all these effective eyeshadow palettes that sell for drugstore prices.

Best overall drugstore eyeshadow palette

We know that when a beauty brand consistently pops up on TikTok, it's a good one. And if a professional makeup artist recommends a brand, it's a great one. This eyeshadow brand has both aspects going for it. One makeup artist recommended the Milani brand on TikTok, and another TikTok praised the Milani Guilded Palettes, so we had to recommend this versatile one. Plus, this palette has 4.2 out of five stars at Target.


The Milani Gilded Eyeshadow Palette — Nude is available at Target for $14.99.

Best metallic drugstore eyeshadow palette

Once you nail the chic metallic shoe trend, why not get new metallic eyeshadow to match? This feminine palette features shimmery shadows to help you make a metallic statement without looking too over the top. It has 4.2 stars with over 350 ratings, and 84% of reviewers suggest buying it (via Target). One happy reviewer even commented, "You can create ANY look with this palette from a no makeup look to super glam."


The e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette Nude Rose Gold is available at Target for $10.

Best light drugstore eyeshadow palette

Not everyone wants to use eyeshadow to make a statement or create a dramatic look; they'd rather purchase a palette to help brighten and enhance their eyes for a subtle yet attractive effect. If that's your case, this is the palette for you because it features nine shadows, and they're all ultra-light, tinted with low-key peach, purple, and pink hues. One customer liked the assortment enough to give the affordable palette a perfect five-star rating, per Walmart.


The Fofosbeauty 9 Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Light Dust is available at Walmart for $3.58.

Best neon drugstore eyeshadow palette

On the other hand, neon eyeshadow is so much fun for bold, dramatic looks we'd wear to concerts, parties, festivals, raves, and other exciting adventures. This inexpensive palette features 10 super bright shades of yellow, blue, and orange and has 4.6 stars with more than 1,000 reviews at Walmart. One reviewer who loves this palette wrote, "The colors were exactly how they appear in the ad."


The Profusion Cosmetics 10 Shade Eyeshadow Palette — Neon is available at Walmart for $5.18.

Best Barbiecore drugstore eyeshadow palette

Nostalgia is having a moment with the Barbiecore fashion trend, so everyone should have a Barbie-worthy pink eyeshadow palette in their makeup bag. This eyeshadow palette features six shadows. Some of the different pinks are soft, bright, and sparkly, as well as more orangey and purple-ish tints for variety. This palette has 4.6 stars, with one pleased reviewer writing, "Good quality for the price. Very pigmented and stays all day."


The Juvia's Place The Sweet Pinks Eyeshadow Palette — Ulta Beauty is available at Target for $14.

Best blue drugstore eyeshadow palette

Love it or hate it, blue eyeshadow is back, and even Kendall Jenner flaunted it on Instagram. If you want to update the early aughts blue eyeshadow trend today, this petite yet powerful palette is a must-have. With over 120 reviews, it has 4.1 stars at Walmart, and you should experiment with the dark blue, medium blue, dark greenish blue, and light shadow from the palette for some unique designs.


The L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad — #211 Blue Haute Couture is available at Walmart for $5.79.

Best rainbow drugstore eyeshadow palette

Make every day feel like Pride Month with a rainbow eyeshadow palette! Whether you want to show your pride or just rock a colorful eyeshadow look for fun, you can't go wrong with this eyeshadow palette for a rainbow look. This palette features various shades of every color of the rainbow, including sparkly options (via Walmart), so you have endless choices.


The Afflano Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette Colorful Highly Pigmented 35 Colors is available at Walmart for $13.99.

Best dark drugstore eyeshadow palette

If you're trying to make a dauntless statement, you should be searching for some dark eyeshadow. Dark eyeshadow will add drama to your look while enhancing your eyes and drawing attention to their shape and color. This waterproof eyeshadow palette features three dark eyeshadows. One looks black, one is a dark silvery gray, and the other is a brownish, reddish plum hue. With a perfect five-star rating at Target, this trio of dark eyeshadows is 100% recommended.


The Billion Dollar Magnetic Waterproof Eyeshadow Trio Pans palette is available at Target for $9.99.

Best mini drugstore eyeshadow palette

Anyone looking for an eyeshadow palette small enough to fit in a petite makeup bag when traveling or commuting will need a mini eyeshadow palette. You won't have to choose between size and options with this palette, as it's small enough to fit into an on-the-go lifestyle but still features a plethora of hues. The best-selling city-themed palette is as glamorous as it sounds and has 4.2 stars with over 2,200 reviews at Walmart.


The Maybelline The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette Makeup is available at Walmart for $13.25.

Best large drugstore eyeshadow palette

On the other hand, ultra-large eyeshadow palettes are excellent for providing as many options as possible. Offering over 40 different hues, it's no surprise that this palette has the word "Large" in its name (via Target). It's a great deal for everything you'll get and has 4.5 stars with over 140 ratings. One happy customer wrote, "The colors are perfect for all occasions and I love that there's so many matte shades with some glitters thrown in."


The Large It Up Makeup Revolution Maxi Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette is available at Target for $18.

Best glitter drugstore eyeshadow palette

Sometimes a bit of shimmery metallic shadow isn't enough for an ultra-bold, glamorous look; that's when it's time to opt for a full-on glitter eyeshadow palette. Labeled as a "popular pick" at Walmart, this product offers white, green, blue, pinkish purple, and silver glitter shadows. The glittery palette has 4.5 stars, too, as it's an excellent choice for creating daring night-out looks.


The Hard Candy Hc Glitteratzi palette is available at Walmart for $5.97.

Best matte drugstore eyeshadow palette

On the contrary, sometimes we all desire a classic matte look instead of anything shiny or creamy. If matte's what you're looking for, this palette features 10 versatile options that will match any outfit in your closet. The hues range from light to dark, so there's something for all your moods. The palette has 4.5 stars and an 85% recommendation rate at Target, too.


The e.l.f. Cosmetics Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette Nude Mood is available at Target for $10.

Best romantic drugstore eyeshadow palette

Every day will feel like Valentine's Day with this romance-themed palette. Featuring some sexy reds, playful pinks, and seductive shimmer, this palette's eyeshadows all have names inspired by romance. Some of those names include "First Date," "Proposal," "Love Potion," "Adore," "Love Letter," and "Unconditional." With such an adorable theme, it's no surprise that the palette has 4.7 stars at Target.


The Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Unconditional Love Eyeshadow Palette is available at Target for $15.

Best Halloween drugstore eyeshadow palette

We love using eye makeup to create spooky yet stylish looks, especially when it's Halloween season or we're going to a themed party. Luckily, Milani has a palette dedicated to creating those Halloween-inspired looks. Many of the colors in this palette are dark or intense, making them perfect for an eerie yet beautiful look. And to top it all off, the eyeshadows have fitting names, such as "Web of Lies," "Creep It Real," "Bite Me," and "Nightmares" (via Walmart).


The Milani Halloween Eyeshadow Palette is available at Walmart for $11.97.

Best bold drugstore eyeshadow palette

Sometimes it feels good to be bold, and this palette can help you feel and look super eye-catching. The tropical-esque palette features a plethora of warm, vibrant eyeshadows, some of which include coral, hot pink, sparkly warm yellow, and bright reddish orange. The palette has 4.4 stars with more than 650 reviews and is called "Festival," per Walmart, as these hues would be perfect for a carefree festival look.


The NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette, Festival is available at Walmart for $17.97.

Best cruelty-free drugstore eyeshadow palette

We understand how hard shopping for makeup can be if you're an animal lover. But you don't need to worry because no animals were harmed or affected in the creation or development of this eyeshadow palette. This collection of versatile hues is clean, cruelty-free, and vegan, per Target, so you won't need to feel guilty when flaunting these eyeshadows. Plus, the palette has 4.4 stars, and 83% of reviewers recommend it.


The Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Matte Monoi Eyeshadow is available at Target for $12.49.

Best drugstore eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

Purple shadows are excellent for making brown eyes pop, thanks to the drastic difference between the cool purple hue and the neutral brown iris (via MasterClass). So, this purple-focused eyeshadow palette is perfect for beauties with brown eyes. The palette features dark, light, and shimmery purple eyeshadows, and a few other colors, so you'll have plenty to work with when enhancing your brown eyes. Furthermore, it has a 4.3-star rating at Walmart.


The NYX Professional Makeup Mystical Petals Eyeshadow Palette, Midnight Orchid is available at Walmart for $9.99.

Best drugstore eyeshadow palette for blue eyes

On the other hand, warmer golden and peachy hues provide a great contrast to blue eyes. "These colors will make your eyes appear more vivid because they will highlight the tiny gold specks that are in the majority of blue eyes, resulting in a brighter look," Jamie Greenberg, a celebrity makeup artist, told the Editorialist. So, if you have blue eyes, consider this highly-rated eyeshadow palette from Target. It features peachy and neutral shadows, and it smells good, too!


The L'Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette is available at Target for $11.99.

Best drugstore eyeshadow palette for green eyes

Green eyes are so rare and unique that they already stand out without makeup, but taupe, neutral eyeshadows will help them pop even more. "The warmer undertones are more flattering than ashy brown," makeup artist Erica Whelan told Allure. Thus, this somewhat subtle neutral palette from Target will draw attention to your green irises without overpowering them. The palette has 4.3 stars, too, making it a well-liked and trusted product.


The COVERGIRL TruNaked Quads Eyeshadow in Zenning Out is available at Target for $7.99.

Best drugstore eyeshadow palette for beginners

Ironically, this eyeshadow palette has the word "expert" in its name, but it's suitable for beginners. The palette contains four shadows, and the case provides instructions regarding where to apply each color. One eyeshadow is for the base, one is for the eyelid, one is for your crease, and one is for you to use as a liner (via Target). Therefore, those guidelines will help people new to wearing eyeshadow have an easier time applying it.


The Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quads are available at Target for $7.99.