25 Square-Toe Sandals That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Sandals are an excellent footwear option for warm weather. After all, our feet need to breathe, don't they? While it's always nice to have a collection of stylish flip-flops you'll want to wear all summer long, flip-flops shouldn't be the only form of sandals in your warm-weather shoe roster. For instance, sometimes you'll probably want something a bit dressier or that isn't quite so open.


A convenient aspect of sandals is that there are so many options to choose from, so there should be something for everyone. One often overlooked detail when it comes to sandals — and pretty much any footwear — is the type of toe the shoe features. For example, some people prefer traditional rounded toes, while others prefer pointy toes to elongate their legs. But we can't forget about square-toes. Shoes with a square-toe design give off an effortless cool-girl vibe thanks to that sleek, non-traditional feature. Thus, everyone should have at least one pair of square-toe sandals in their closet.

How we selected the square-toe sandals

Naturally, we know that there are a lot of different sandals available to buy in stores and online. While it's great to have such a wide variety of options, having so many choices can get overwhelming. Plus, not everyone has the time to spend hours reading product reviews and descriptions to narrow down the best options. That's why we did the work for you and rounded up all of our favorite square-toe sandals.


When we create our product round-ups, companies aren't paying us to promote their products; we only select items that we're genuinely interested in and think our readers would enjoy, whether that be square-toe sandals or the best backpacks that mix function with fashion. We're also aware that our readers will be looking for different features, so we conducted our search based on specific details, including price, hue, and design. We believe everyone should be able to find what they're looking for, so we're very excited about all these sandals!

Best overall square-toe sandals

These square-toe sandals are about as versatile as it gets. Their sleek yet subtle heel, two-strap design, and slip-on method of putting them on and taking them off make them appropriate for any occasion ranging from a work event to a romantic date to a family dinner. They also come in a plethora of colors to choose from and have an impressive 4.3 out of five-star rating with more than 4,500 reviews.


The Drop Women's Avery Square Toe Two Strap High Heeled Sandal is available at Amazon with prices starting at $49.90.

Best affordable square-toe sandals

Who says you should have to break the bank for a pair of stylish square-toe sandals? These fashion-forward flat sandals feature two straps with a sophisticated ruched effect and are selling for a super affordable price. Plus, they have an excellent 4.3-star rating, with one happy reviewer writing, "Great quality for the price and adorable style" (via Walmart).


The Time and Tru Women's Ruched Strap Sandals are available at Walmart for $10.

Best splurge square-toe sandals

If you're going to splurge on anything, why not treat yourself to a pair of fashionable designer sandals that can elevate any outfit in your wardrobe, make you look taller, and allow your feet to breathe? These Italian-made, white Versace square-toe sandals have a four-inch heel and were made of lamb leather (via Neiman Marcus). They additionally have a unique pin flaunting the iconic Versace logo.


The 110MM Versace Safety Pin Sandals are available at Neiman Marcus for $1,275.

Best lace-up square-toe sandals

There's something so inexplicably sexy about the lace-up look, whether it's on clothing, handbags, or shoes. These square-toe lace-up sandals give off that seductive vibe and have a trendy block heel in addition to a cozy cushioned insole, per Lulus. Furthermore, they have slightly over four out of five stars, and one happy customer wrote, "These shoes are awesome!"


The Zindy White Lace-Up High Heel Sandals are available at Lulus for $29.

Best black square-toe sandals

Black square-toe sandals will make you look elegant and sophisticated without taking any attention away from the rest of your look. These black square-toe sandals feature a block heel and two straps with an intriguing braided effect. Plus, they have a glowing rating of 4.7 out of five stars at Target, with one happy shopper writing, "These are extremely comfortable — easy to wear/stand in all day. Happy with the quality for the price."


The Women's Basil Heels — A New DayTM are available at Target for $34.99.

Best white square-toe sandals

Sandal weather is typically when people wear the most white, as white clothing is usually associated with warm weather, as are sandals. Therefore, everyone should have a pair of white square-toe sandals in their closet. These classy white sandals feature an adorable 2-inch kitten heel, and you can slip them on and off (via Kohl's). Customers enjoy them, too, as they have 4.7 out of five stars.


The Impo Evolet Women's Dress Sandals are available at Kohl's for $70.

Best neon square-toe sandals

These wild mules have a head-turning neon yellow hue, perfect for elevating minimalistic outfits or adding the final touch to night-out looks. Their heels also have a cool flare design, and the shoes have a perfect five-star rating. One happy shopper wrote, "These are comfy, stylish and perfect size heels" (via Asos). Since they've got comfort, style, and size going for them, how could you possibly go wrong?


The Asos Design Nyla Heeled Mules in Neon Yellow are available at Asos for $28.

Best metallic square-toe sandals

Why not nail the chic metallic shoe trend this summer with a pair of stylish metallic square-toe sandals? These sandals have a shiny golden hue with a two-strap design, a narrow square toe, and an ultra-skinny 4.25-inch heel (via Lulus). The sandals have four out of five stars with more than 150 ratings, and one happy reviewer wrote, "Great quality and price!"


The Theyaa Gold Metallic Square-Toe High Heel Sandals are available at Lulus for $40.

Best wedge square-toe sandals

Wedges are an excellent way to look taller without suffering the discomfort you'd typically get from wearing stilettos or traditional pumps, and this pair of wedges lets your feet breathe. These wedges have a very open design, are made of faux leather, and have a four-inch heel (via Forever 21). They even have a perfect rating of five out of five stars.


The Faux Leather Thong Wedges are available at Forever 21 for $29.99.

Best block heel square-toe sandals

How can you possibly make square-toe sandals any trendier? By getting a pair with a sleek block heel! Rocking a block heel is an excellent alternative to wedges or pencil heels, as they still make you appear taller with their edgy spin on traditional heels. This pair of block heels feature a squared-off toe look, two straps, a 3.25-inch heel, and high-quality materials from Vietnam (via Macy's). They also have 4.2 out of five stars.


The Sam Edelman Women's Daniella Two-Piece Block-Heel Sandals are available at Macy's for $130.

Best high-heel square-toe sandals

Sometimes, nothing makes us feel as elegant and glamorous as flaunting a pair of high heels. These square-toe heels come in different colors and have a convenient mule structure with a thick clear strap to protect your feet while letting them breathe, and the stiletto heel is around four inches (via Amazon). These heels have earned a 4.1 out of five-star rating with nearly 500 reviews.


The Richealnana Women's Clear Square-Toe Sandals Stiletto Heel Slip-On Mules are available on Amazon with prices starting at $36.99.

Best pastel square-toe sandals

There's something so wholesome and attractive about pastel pink, making it a perfect hue to wear for clothing and footwear during the spring and summer seasons. These square-toe sandals feature a strappy look and that lovely light shade of pink, making them right on brand with the trendy balletcore fashion aesthetic. Furthermore, you can adjust the straps and the four-inch heel will help make your legs look longer, per DSW.


The Vince Camuto Rosaly Sandal is available at DSW for $44.98.

Best comfortable square-toe sandals

Anyone who wants to help their feet feel good while walking around shouldn't miss out on this pair of sandals. According to Amazon, these sandals have a footbed made of latex; you won't be in pain when on your feet. You can adjust the straps to ensure as much comfort as possible while your feet breathe. The sandals have 4.5 stars, and one customer wrote, "These sandals are so cute, comfy, and soft."


The Dream Pairs Women's Summer Casual Dressy Cute Flat Sandals Comfortable are available on Amazon for prices starting at $23.99.

Best edgy square-toe sandals

If you like the punk style, these square-toe sandals are a must-have. Not only do they feature an automatically edgy black base, but they've got six cool straps covered in bold studs. Everything about the large square studs screams punk, making these the perfect shoes for anyone who's been enjoying the punk-pop resurrection. They also have a heel of around four and a half inches to help you appear taller (via Amazon).


The Frankie Hsu Sexy Strap Gold Rivet Clear Sttiletto Heel is available on Amazon for prices starting at $64.99.

Best animal print square-toe sandal

These chic zebra print sandals will elevate your fancy and casual outfits, depending on how you style them. While the convenient flat slide-on design makes them suitable for more low-key looks, the sophisticated pattern and haircalf leather, per Banana Republic, make them appropriate for dressier outfits, too. They have a near-perfect review, with one pleased customer writing, "You just can't go wrong with these sandals!"


The Haircalf Leather Square-Toe Sandal is available at Banana Republic for $50.

Best Barbiecore square-toe sandals

Nostalgia is having a moment with the Barbiecore fashion trend, so why not invest in a pair of square-toe sandals that would make Malibu Barbie proud? These stylish square-toe sandals come in a bold hot pink hue with two straps, one of which is an ankle strap that you can adjust (via Amazon). The chic heel also screams Barbie, and these girly, heeled sandals have four out of five stars with over 100 reviews.


The Mysoft Women's Chunky Block High Heels Square Open Toe Ankle Strap sandals are available on Amazon for $29.99.

Best sustainable square-toe sandals

Although fast fashion is still popular due to its convenience and low prices, more people are starting to value sustainability when they shop. If you're a sustainable shopper, you should check out these square-toe sandals by Chloé. According to Bloomingdale's, the brand is "taking full accountability for their impact on the people and planet while reinforcing their commitment to use business as a force for good." These sustainable sandals are Italian-made and have 4.3 stars.


The Chloé Women's Woody Logo Slide Sandals are available at Bloomingdale's for $475.

Best floral square-toe sandals

The floral look is so cute and elegant, especially when the weather is warm, so everyone should have at least one pair of floral square-toe sandals in their closet. These slide-on sandals feature a thick strap with a beautiful flower design, and the insole is cushioned, so you should feel comfortable when you walk in them (via Lulus). Furthermore, they have between four and five stars, and one happy customer wrote, "Very cute and good quality."


The Flowina White Flower Flat Slide Sandals are available at Lulus for $15.20.

Best ankle-strap square-toe sandals

Ankle-strap sandals are an excellent option for anyone who likes having that extra security, knowing their feet will stay in the right place when walking around. These sandals have that convenient detail and a fun green hue. The detailed strappy look and knot-style touches add to the intrigue of these shoes, as does the block heel. Giving a 1990s vibe, per DSW, these square-toe sandals have 4.5 stars with over 180 ratings.


The Green Marc Fisher Gavery Sandal is available at DSW for $69.99.

Best flat square-toe sandals

As glamorous as it feels to walk around in sandals with heels, sometimes it's more practical to wear a flat pair. If you're hunting for a cute pair of flat sandals, these are easy to slide on and off and have a stylish woven design on the strap. The sole is made of leather, and there are different color options, per Amazon. Plus, they have 4.5 out of five stars.


The Cape Robbin Vagabond Sandals Slides for Women are available on Amazon for prices starting at $19.36.

Best wide square-toe sandals

We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to find a pair of sandals that's suitable and comfortable for wider feet. However, these sandals are super comfy for wide feet. The insoles are padded, so you won't feel any discomfort when you walk, per Walmart. Moreover, the shiny snake-inspired look is very chic, and one reviewer praised the sandals for their comfort, writing, "They are very comfortable and fit perfectly!"


The Comfortview Women's Wide Width The Pearl Sandal is available at Walmart for $37.78.

Best gladiator square-toe sandal

There's something so unique and eye-catching about the caged, intricate effect that gladiator sandals provide. This stylish pair of gladiator sandals is as comfy as it is statement-making with its trendy metallic golden hue, thanks to the memory foam (via Nordstrom). A happy customer gave the golden sandals a perfect rating, noting that they're nice and comfortable for wider and flatter feet.


The Lariat Gladiator Sandal is available at Nordstrom for $119.

Best studded square-toe sandals

Anyone looking to add extra glamour to their outfits should invest in a pair of square-toe sandals with studded details for a fun touch of sparkle. You can slip these faux leather sandals on and off, and they have a two-inch block heel embellished with small yet shiny studs, as are the three slim straps, per DSW. With over 300 ratings, these sandals have an impressive overall score of 4.8 out of five stars.


The Dolce Vita RYE Sandal is available at DSW for $59.99.

Best thong square-toe sandals

Do you like the thong-strap design you see on flip-flops but want something more formal than those typically flat, beachy footwear options? These square-toe sandals have a sparkly thong strap reminiscent of flip-flops but are very elegant and sophisticated. In a classic black color, the sandals have a 3.5-inch heel, per DSW, so they can easily dress up any outfit in your wardrobe. Plus, they have a 4.4-star rating.


The Mix No. 6 Gaile Sandal is available for $49.99 at DSW.

Best unique square-toe sandals

If you're hunting for a one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-ordinary pair of square-toe sandals, look no further. Between the ultra-strappy design and the show-stopping stacked ball heel, we haven't seen any other sandals quite like these before. They have 4.2 stars, and one happy shopper was thrilled with the unique heel, writing, "I love the heel. Beautiful shoe & good price" (via Macy's).


The Lilliana Ball Heel Sandals, Created for Macy's are available at Macy's for $89.50.