Your Guide To Nailing New York City Style Wherever You Are

With New York City being one of the fashion capitals of the world, it is no surprise that its residents are known for their chic style. New Yorkers simply have a way of knowing the trends before the rest of the country, but with a city of millions from all over the world, it would be hard not to. The city is full of iconic fashion brand headquarters, the birthplace of New York Fashion Week, and the home to a multitude of the best fashion schools in the world. These factors alone make it a trend center.

New York City allows for people to dress how they want and never be judged for it, according to fashion designer Danielle Guizio (via The Zoe Report). Though New Yorkers are unique individuals, the New York fashion scene could easily be recreated. NYC's natives know that they are free to dress however they want but stick to core fashion principles that make their outfits so incredible. Whether you are looking for style inspiration to avoid looking like a tourist in the big apple or want to look like a New Yorker on a daily basis, we've got you covered!

1. Stick with the staples

New Yorkers know that the key to any great outfit is great basics. Staple pieces, such as a great pair of jeans, a leather jacket, and t-shirts, allowing for an excellent mix-and-match capsule wardrobe (via MasterClass). This is a great way to make more outfits out of fewer pieces, which is something many New Yorkers do due to smaller closet sizes. Instead of focusing on "out-there" clothing pieces, instead, layer neutral staple pieces and let your accessories do the talking.

2. A+ for effortless

According to Danielle Guizio, the easiest way to get the NYC girl fashion aesthetic is to not try at all (via The Zoe Report). This could be because most of the time, when we see New Yorkers out and about, they are just doing normal tasks like grocery shopping. True New Yorkers are not trying too hard to make a fashion statement and instead consider their fashion sense a happy accident. Don't overdo your look by trying to become someone that you are not. Take your basics and style them how you feel most confident.

3. Quality over quantity

New Yorkers are sticklers for saving a buck due to the high cost of living in the city. One of the easiest ways to look stylish and expensive in New York City and beyond is to invest in quality clothing pieces. While it may seem odd, spending more money on a quality piece will save you in the long run (via Open Access Government). New Yorkers tend to understand that it is not always about the amount of clothing you own but instead how you can re-style a timeless piece in many different ways to create new outfits.

4. Practice practicality

While you may want to wear five-inch pumps every day in New York, it just isn't practical. Native New Yorkers know that practicality is an essential part of the NYC wardrobe. Practical chic isn't an oxymoron. Dresses with sneakers are just one of the many practical chic combos being worn in the city (via Instagram). Plenty of women are now choosing less constrictive wear and other items that prioritize their comfort, especially in NYC, where the average person walks much more.

5. Make a statement with accessories

To avoid having too many pieces in their wardrobes, most New Yorkers avoid statement clothing and instead purchase high-quality statement accessories that do the work for them. These pieces are a blank slate ready for fun additions, like jewelry, headbands, and bags. Amy Julliette LĂ©fevre, a New York-based model, told WhoWhatWear that she dresses up any basic outfit, even sweats, with a fun statement bag. The whole vibe of the outfit can be changed with a simple accessory.