The Winter Haircuts That Are Poised To Be Perfectly On-Trend

Winter is coming, and that means it's time for a change. Days will get shorter, stores will soon be filled with holiday goodies, and the new year is just around the corner. For many of us, that means shaking up our routines to reflect the darker, colder days and setting resolutions for the year ahead.


Winter is also the perfect time to change up your style, starting with your hair. According to Bela Beauty, wintertime can wreak havoc on hair, from the dryness of the air to friction from big hoods and scarves. Regular haircuts are crucial during cold months to maintain hair health. If you're going to hop in the salon chair more often than usual, you might as well try a new, on-trend style. Besides looking fresh, getting a haircut may even boost your mental health, per Healthline, which is perfect for staving off seasonal depression. Before booking your appointment with a hairstylist, though, get inspired by these five trendy cut ideas.

Heavy bangs

One of the quickest ways to update your look is by opting for bangs. That might be why short fringe has been leading haircut trends for the last few seasons. Wispy bangs, curtain bangs, and shaggy bangs are just a few of the styles that have been trending in 2022 (via Latest Hairstyles).


If you haven't bitten the bangs bullet just yet, winter is a great time to try them out. Hairstylist Dhiran Mistry explained the benefits of getting bangs in colder months to Byrdie, saying, "There's more coverage and less sweating. ... You can get away with more in the face. It's the opposite of what I tell people in the summer: they shouldn't get bangs, because it will stick to their face."

To fully commit to this hairstyle, try heavy bangs that cover the forehead and barely show the brows. Alternatively, try heavy baby bangs, cut bluntly just above the brows, for a quirky and cute take on the trend.

Long Barbiecore locks

The Barbiecore aesthetic has dominated fashion and beauty for most of 2022. Its signature? Head-to-toe pink, as seen on celebrities like Lizzo and Anne Hathaway (via USA Today). When it comes to hair, some have experimented with pink dye, the way that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly did over the summer, as seen on Instagram.


For winter, however, Barbiecore hair doesn't have to be pastel-colored, nor does it need to be blonde like the original doll. Instead, think long, voluminous hair that's equal parts 1960s bombshell and 1990s supermodel. For the cut, bangs are kept long so you can easily get that trademark sleek Barbie ponytail, à la Margot Robbie in the upcoming "Barbie" live-action movie (via E! News). If your hair isn't already long, consider adding extensions. And for fine hair that doesn't hold volume well, hairstylist Ramon Garcia shared his secret with Mane Addicts: internal layers. Ask your stylist for these layers to add oomph to limp hair.

Buzzed Pixie

Singer and YouTuber Dixie D'Amelio is usually seen sporting long, dark brown hair, but she stunned fans when she shaved it all off in September. In a video posted to her YouTube account, D'Amelio captured the moment when she underwent the dramatic transformation and debuted a simple buzzed pixie cut. The new look showed off her impeccable bone structure, with no hair left hanging to conceal her face.


This winter, expect to see some (equally beautiful) copycats — or become one yourself. Nature Lab Tokyo's global ambassador Marty Harper told The Zoe Report that short pixies are trending among those who are ready to let go of the old, heavy hair they carried around during the pandemic. Plus, this haircut works for a variety of hair types and textures.

Shaving your head is a daring move not for the faint of heart, but, as D'Amelio says, "it grows back." In the meantime, enjoy rocking all the winter hats, snoods, and thick headbands your heart desires without worrying about long hair getting in the way.

Blunt Bobs and Lobs

If long Barbie locks aren't your thing and you're not ready to shave your head into a pixie cut, a bob or lob (long bob) cut might be the way to go. These haircuts, which fall somewhere between the ears and the shoulders, are an ideal way to free up some space around your neck so you can pile on those thick, cozy scarves.


Bobs and lobs come in many shapes and styles, but blunt cuts are on-trend this winter. The look is "blunt, with no layers or graduation," hairstylist Devin Toth told Allure. "It's almost wig-like." The cut previously dominated Fall 2022 hair trends, and it appears to have staying power even as the seasons change. Kendall Jenner recently showed off an angular bob on the Autumn/Winter 2022 cover of Pop magazine (via Instagram), and the "bluntbob" hashtag continues to rack up views on TikTok.

Before getting a chop, decide if you want a shorter bob or a longer lob. According to Regis Salons, face shape plays a big role. Bobs flatter heart-shaped faces, while round or square faces look great with longer lobs. Shorter bobs may also require more styling, while lobs tend to be lower maintenance.


Jellyfish haircut

You may have heard of the trendy octopus haircut already, but this winter, expect to see the influence of another sea creature in the form of the jellyfish haircut. The two cuts are similar, and both play with varying hair lengths. However, the jellyfish haircut tends to have sharper angles, with a short blunt cut in the front and longer hair in the back. Think of it as a futuristic, anime-esque mullet.


However, this style bears little resemblance to the mullets of the past. "I wouldn't classify this as just a mullet; it's definitely more avant-garde, and much less hair left longer," Dan Williams, stylist and salon owner at Studio Dan Williams, told Glamour. The unique shape is similar to the shape of a jellyfish, with a heavy "body" on top and longer hair in the back similar to tentacles.

While the jellyfish haircut may be bold, there are enough variations to choose from that anyone can pull it off. There's an option for curly hair, a sleek and rounded look, or a cut and color combo that looks just like a technicolor jellyfish.