These Haircuts Are Going To Dominate Fall 2022

We love to change our hair with the seasons. For instance, we enjoy lightening our locks in the summer to match the bright sun with hues like one of 2022's trendiest hair colors, expensive blonde, or some adorable highlights. It's also fun to wear our hair in updos in the heat or chop it into a sleek bob or a bold pixie cut.


On the other hand, we enjoy growing our tresses in the winter to keep our heads warm with flowing curls or straight, silky locks. Winter is an excellent time to go super dark with hair, too, because there's something so beautiful about long, dramatic black or dark brown tresses flowing in the wintery wind, covered in delicate snowflakes during the chilliest months. But don't forget about the fall!

Fall is a great time to get in on the copper-colored hair trend, as red tresses are very versatile when the weather isn't extremely hot or cold. What's more, rich brown hues and warm blond highlights are perfect for fall, too (via Latest Hairstyles). Whether or not you like to switch up your hair color in the fall, autumn is an excellent time to get a new haircut to fit the fall vibe. Ultimately, these haircuts are going to take over in fall 2022.


The beautiful Botticelli bob

The hottest summer hair trend, the Botticelli bob has been everywhere during the summer of 2022, and it looks like this texture-focused, wavy bob will still be super trendy during fall. "The Botticelli bob is perfect for the 'on-the-go woman' because you can prepare it at night and get up in the morning, take out the braids, run your hands through and be on your way," Anthony Cole, an international hairstylist, told Glamour.


We know how busy the fall season can get. Whether you'll be moving into your dorm and starting up the fall semester on campus, taking your kids pumpkin picking with their friends, or getting up extra early to wait in line for a pumpkin spice latte before your commute to work, autumn can get very hectic. Thus, this trendy yet low-maintenance, semi-short haircut is perfect for fall.

For more proof that the Botticelli bob can be just as fitting for fall as it is for summer, you can see this haircut in hair colors that scream fall on Instagram. For instance, when you search #redbob on Instagram, you can scroll through to find a copper Botticelli bob and even a more vibrant red Botticelli bob. Moreover, try searching #brownbob on Instagram, where you'll see lots of brunettes rocking the Botticelli bob — whether you have red, brown, or warm blond locks, the Botticelli bob is fun and an easy option for fall 2022.


The wild wolf cut

Mullets are back in style, and this controversial haircut's surprising resurgence seems to have hair enthusiasts divided. If you're on the side in support of the mullet but don't want to go as far as to flaunt one yourself, you should consider the wolf cut. "The wolf cut combines two classic cuts from the '70s: the classic shag cut and a mullet. It consists of chunky, shaggy layers on top and wavy, wispy ends," Seiji Kitazato, a creative director for an NYC hair salon, told PopSugar. Thus, if you're ready to rock a trendy, choppy haircut, the wolf cut is the perfect fall cut for you to explore.


Anyone who wants to see some examples of the unique wolf cut can search #wolfcut on Instagram, where more than 80,000 posts and counting pop up. You'll notice that there are many ways to wear this cut. Plus, it's an excellent option for people of all genders. Whether you wear your wolf cut pretty short and somewhat straight or a little longer and wavier, it's lots of fun to experiment with a wolf cut if you're willing to get a bit wild with your locks this fall.

A classic blunt bob

As mentioned earlier, fall is typically a busy time of year for everyone, so you'll likely want a low-maintenance cut that looks good on everyone. According to Hair Adviser, blunt bobs will be very trendy for fall 2022, and you can't go wrong with this cut if you want to exude cool-girl energy during the entire fall season. This sleek haircut typically isn't layered and stops anywhere between your chin and your shoulders for that blunt effect. Unlike the ultra-trendy Botticelli bob, blunt bobs don't require you to flaunt texture or waves, so this is an excellent option for anyone with straight tresses.


We adore the versatility of the blunt bob; it's been a popular style for such a long time for a reason: it's a trustworthy, ultra-stylish look that will work with any outfit in your closet. Whether you have straight, rich brown hair and opt for a blunt bob that lies right between your chin and your shoulders, flaunt blond, slightly wavy locks that stop at your chin, or straight, thick chin-length dark hair, we don't think the blunt bob will ever go out of style.

The ultra-flattering lob

If you want a low-maintenance haircut that looks good with any hair type or face shape but you aren't comfortable chopping your hair into a full-on bob, you should consider getting a long bob instead. This mid-length haircut has been on-trend for a while now, and it won't be fading out anytime soon, making it an excellent haircut choice for fall 2022 (via Furthermore, you can choose between a blunt look or an option with some layers, so there's a lob look for everyone's unique styles.


"It's easy to manage and allows plenty of room for different looks and styles. If you are used to shorter hair, a lob haircut will be a super easy alternative, allowing you to put it up for going to the gym or whenever you don't feel like having it down," celebrity hairstylist Earl Simms told Glamour U.K. So, take this as a sign to grow your short summer locks into a chic lob for the fall!

This shoulder-length haircut is such a beloved look that over a million posts popped up when we searched #lob on Instagram. Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, or shaggy, you can count on always looking great in a lob.

Layers, layers, layers, and more layers

Even if you want to rock ultra-long hair in the fall, you should try adding some layers to your look. "Your next haircut, you should ask for short angles around your face and long layers throughout the back. When styled, it looks bouncy and fresh, even when you leave it to air-dry. There is something still soft and beautiful about it, especially for the gals that don't like to blow dry their hair," hairstylist Katerina Proko told Women's Health.


Are you looking for some inspiration? When you search #layeredhaircut on Instagram, you'll find a plethora of examples of people rocking various hair lengths and hair colors in different layered lengths ranging from short, blond hair with bold layers to long, dark hair with face-framing layers. We can't wait to experiment with layers in the fall of 2022 to look cute and flatter our faces!

So, which of these ultra-trendy haircuts will you ask for the next time you go to the hair salon?