These Tips Will Turn You Into An Expert At The Shimmery Smokey Eye

As we approach the holidays, there is no better time to elevate your makeup game. Red lips, rosy cheeks, and, most importantly, shimmering eye looks. There is no better shimmering eye look than the shimmery smokey eye. Linda Cantello has been deemed the inventor of the smokey eye after she constructed purposefully messy eye looks onto models in a '90s Gucci fashion show. Cantello tells The Cut that the smokey eye is suited for every woman, whereas other makeup looks are not as one-size-fits-all. Not to mention, it can be messy so it is a simple look to throw on your eyes, even when you are running late.

This is one eye look that will never go out of style. Whether it is the sex appeal of the look or the simple fact that there are no true rules to the look, just basic tips for getting the job done, the look has now been practiced for decades. Don't forget the basic tips behind the classy shimmering smokey eye, and you are set. We have curated five suggested tips to follow if you are looking to become a smokey eye expert this holiday season.

Start with eyeliner

It is highly encouraged to start with eyeliner on the lid when creating a smokey eye rather than finishing off with liner. It seems backward, but it is a great way to get a true smokey effect without going overboard. Celebrity makeup artist Alana Wright recommends applying your eyeliner on the lid as usual and then smudging it with a brush as far out and upwards as you would like (via YouTube). The farther you go out and upward, the more dramatic the smokey eye will be. Starting out with the liner will keep things less messy and provide a good base for any shadows to stick to.

Choose and apply three shimmery eyeshadow shades

Whereas with a normal smokey eye, you may choose matte eyeshadows for your lid, with a shimmery smokey eye, you will use sparkling shades. The smokey eye usually consists of eyeliner, mobile lid shade, crease shade, and a highlight shade. The mobile lid color is second-lightest and will be applied to the center of the eyelid, the crease shade is a bit darker but still lighter than your liner, and the highlight color will be used to brighten up your inner corner and the underside of your brows.

To prevent your smokey eye look from being too overpowering and making your eye smaller, makeup artist Lennie Billy says to "try using dark browns or even gray to lower the intensity of the black shadow" (via Ipsy). In this case, a sparkly dark brown or sparkly gray.

Blend, blend, blend

One of the biggest mistakes made on any smokey eye is forgetting to blend the shadows together or not blending them together enough. When a smokey eye isn't blended thoroughly, it can look like you were recently punched in the face. To prevent this, use a fluffy blending brush and blend the shades together until there are no clear lines of division between the shades. You can even pull some of the shadows underneath the lower lash line and smudge it out (via YouTube). This will give the overall look a softer appearance.

Line your waterline

With some more natural looks, lining your waterline may seem to overdo it, but with a smokey eye, forgetting to line your waterline can make the look seem incomplete. Applying eyeliner to your waterline will enhance your eyes overall and make your eyelashes look fuller (via MasterClass). For a smokey eye, you should smudge out the eyeliner onto the lower eye with a fluffy blending brush in order to make it as perfectly messy as the rest of your eyeshadow look.

End with mascara

Every great eye look ends with mascara, especially a smokey eye. Mascara will make your lashes look fuller, voluminous, and darker, which will keep up with the intensity of your smokey eye. Remember, the smokey eye look isn't meant to look perfect, so no need to opt for falsies if that isn't your cup of tea! For the biggest and most voluminous lashes using just mascara, try using a lash primer or using the push and wiggle hack made popular on Instagram back in 2018. The shimmer will shine through your big and bold lashes, leaving for an overall glam look perfect for any special occasion.