How To Accessorize With Jewelry When You're Layered Up For Winter

As fashion journalist Anna Dello Russo puts it, "Accessories are like vitamins to fashion." No matter how expensive or exquisite they are, accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are merely lifeless pieces of ornaments on their own. When paired with clothing, they immediately become the bread and butter of your outfit and draw attention to your style. Accessorizing is also a way of conveying a coded message. For instance, pearl earrings are among the most distinctive elements for projecting professionalism and elegance, while attention-grabbing metallic bling is the definition of wealth and cool in the underground community.

However, upping your accessorizing game in the colder season isn't always smooth sailing when your number one priority is to keep warm. "My best advice would be layering, and be cool and relaxed, and don't try too hard," designer Paul Costelloe shares his number-one winter dressing tip with RSVP Live. Here's the pickle — bundling up can keep you warm and stylish if you know how to mix and match, but it can also drown even the most shining pieces of jewelry under a pile of layers. Having said that, there are still ways to jazz up your winter outfits with jewelry without letting them cramp your style. Below, check out tips on how to incorporate jewelry into your layered ensemble without compromising on style.

Wear a brooch

The easiest way to add glamor to your outerwear is to attach a brooch to it. Brooches come in all shapes and sizes and materials. From an intricate pendant brooch or foliate brooch reminiscent of the resplendent Victorian era to a minimalistic bar brooch emblematic of the edgy elegance of Edwardian aesthetics, there's a brooch for every generation and every occasion. If you lean into power dressing, take a page out of Nancy Pelosi's book and wear a sparkling brooch in the shape of a star-spangled banner or any ideological symbol that mirrors the message you want to convey. Even if you have no political message or corporate vibe to serve, you can still wear this sartorial staple with your everyday wear and lend your attire an elegance boost. "The attitude toward brooches has definitely relaxed," says jeweler Jill Heller (via Town & Country). "They're no longer your grandmother's accessory."

Personal stylist and wardrobe consultant Elysze Held tells Today: "A brooch [pin] can change the look of a sweater, scarf and a jacket (or add a trio on the lapel works best if similar in size), and the silhouette of a dress or shirt, especially if [the] fabric is voluminous." You can clasp a brooch on a lapel, a collar, or a hat. You can also fasten a brooch to a belt loop on a pair or pants or secure one to your hair, or use it to cinch the waist of your dress.

Let a chain steal the show

An oversized, loud, and flashy chain link is that eccentric extra that makes a statement in its masculinity and gives your bulky outfit just enough flourish. "When wearing bulky winter items, I pair a thicker link chain," says designer Grace Lee (via TZR). Not only is it chic and simple, but it also "gives a flash of metal" while minimizing the risk of tangling with your hair or your outfit, she points out. Chain links are not as boring and limited as many people think. They can be varied in their shapes, the ways they are interlocked, and their thickness. 

According to Nickho Rey, the most popular chain link necklaces on the market include box chains, curb chains, cable chains, and ropes, among others. Whether it's made of gold, silver, or diamond, a necklace chain never fails to sparkle under the light and give off a modern vibe. You can style your winter outfits with any chain you was,nt depending on the style you want to achieve. If you're planning a minimalistic look with a touch of subversiveness, chunky necklace pieces of the aforementioned style make a great addition to your outfit. Another advantage of chain necklaces is that you can customize them by adding pendants, beads, or rings to the links.

Statement earrings draw attention

When it comes to adorning your ears during winter, you might as well go big or go home. With all the ear muffs, big hats, and hair down, your earrings can easily become hidden in plain sight. Instead of subtle studs or plugs, opt for statement earrings with colorful beads, lengthy tassels, or geometric hoops that are so chunky, shiny, and colorful that they're hard to ignore. Depending on your face shape, you can choose a pair of earrings that complement it best.

According to Baunat, those with a round face can benefit from long earrings, which lend more balance and refinement to the face shape. If you have a square face, reach for round or oval-shaped earrings to soften your angular features, per Auree. For those with a heart-shaped face, opt for earrings that taper down, such as teardrop earrings or chandeliers, to lend balance to your sharp chin and the wide and round top of the face. One caveat when wearing statement earrings is that you should wear minimal or low-key jewelry on the other parts of your body. Overaccessorizing can cheat your look out of its balance and deduct your personal style from your outfit.