How Long Does Brow Microblading Last For?

If you prefer to keep your eyebrows in pristine shape, then you can learn to fill them in every day with a pencil, give them a boost with a gel, or set them safely in place with your favorite brand of powder. Of course, you can also opt to get your eyebrows microbladed.

The semi-permanent option will allow you to take a break from daily brow shaping, filling, and grooming. However, you'll first have to be both patient and willing to refrain from panicking during the healing process. A period that will take around one to two months, with the exact timeframe affected by various factors, according to PMU Hub. That includes things like the condition of your skin as well as your age, health, and how you as an individual happen to heal. While this is going on, you'll have to endure some swelling, scabbing, and soreness in the eyebrow area. Finally, you'll want to stay calm as your results go through stages that make them look puffy and wonky while the color also changes and settles into the shade that it's meant to be.

As all of this is happening, you might find yourself uncomfortable due to both the physical changes and, let's be honest, the emotional issues as well. It's totally understandable if you find yourself nervous over the eventual results. However, you may think it's worth the effort due to the fact that microblading can last for quite a while.

Microblading might last longer than you expected

While you may be aware of the fact that microblading is semi-permanent, that could mean a lot of things. If you want to know exactly how long that might be when it comes to your brows, Medical News Today notes that your microbladed eyebrows can stick around for anywhere from one to two years. Granted, that's quite a wide range, which happens to be for a very good reason. For instance, how well the microblading was done in the first place will affect how long it lasts. Beyond that, Piret Aava, an eyebrow specialist, makeup artist, certified esthetician, and cosmetic tattoo specialist, explained to Women's Health, "Results last depending on skin type, lifestyle, and products you use and how fast your skin metabolizes that pigment."

"Some skin does not want to keep the pigment at all, but we don't know unless we try," Aava also pointed out. "Strokes will soften and fade over time and they will not stay sharp and crisp, but it is still so much better than [a] pencil."

You should also know that you can have your eyebrows touched up after the first year to bring back any vibrance or definition that has been lost or is starting to fade, per Medical News Today. On top of that, there are a few other things that you can do to help your microblading results look as good as they can for as long as possible.

This will help your microblading last longer

Before you opt to have your microbladed brows given a fresh touch-up or perhaps in between appointments, you can give their longevity a boost by taking some steps that are relatively easy but are also effective.

First and arguably foremost, be sure to cover your brows with sunscreen whenever you go outside, according to MW Aesthetics. Although this a step that should already be a part of your makeup or skincare routine thanks to the fact that it will help to protect you from the sun, it can also prevent the color in your brows from fading too quickly. On the other hand, you may want to give any anti-aging creams or skin treatments that you're using a break as they can also fade your brows. That includes treatments along the lines of chemical peels and microdermabrasion as well as facial scrubs and laser rejuvenation. If you have a treatment plan that simply can't be missed, then be sure to inform the person who's performing the work about your microbladed brows so that they can address the issue and protect them in a way that will hopefully keep them in an ideal condition.

Although MW Aesthetics also points out that you can't predict exactly how long your microblading results will last, offering them a little TLC is definitely worth the time and effort.