Briefcases Are Making A Comeback. Here's How To Add One To Your Wardrobe

Have you seen the hilarious movie "Beauty and the Briefcase"? It's a fun film about a fashion-obsessed aspiring writer who gets a job in the business industry in hopes of meeting her dream man as an experiment for an article. In this 2010 film, the style-savvy main character is depicted as someone completely different from the briefcase-filled business world. But fast forward to the 2020s, and the fashion world seems to be taking notes on what people wear in business-related jobs.

Believe it or not, professional looks are trendy now, thanks to the corporatecore fashion trend. So, this is the time to break out your blazers, slacks or trousers, and workwear-chic blouses. Big glasses fit this trend, too, as do sensible shoes. And, yes, briefcases can be the perfect finishing touch to your corporatecore outfits, or they'll help you hold onto everything you need for your real corporate job! Who doesn't love utilitarian fashion?

You can't go wrong with a timeless black briefcase

A sleek black briefcase looks excellent with professional outfits. Think of a black briefcase like a stylish black purse or backpack with a more businessy twist. Plus, these practical pieces might help people take you more seriously when you're starting a new job. One TikTok about outfit ideas for stylish aspiring lawyers suggested matching garments, turtlenecks, and a black briefcase, so you should think about buying a black briefcase if you're a lawyer or want to be one at some point in your life.

Try a professional brown briefcase

Not only do briefcases perfectly fit the corporatecore trend, but they also work with the luxury, power, and wealth-inspired "old money" aesthetic. Brown briefcases are best for achieving this style trend, as they give off a serious yet stylish, sophisticated vibe. One style-savvy TikTok user shared a video flaunting a brown briefcase with a preppy outfit and looked like the perfect example of the old money outfit trend. So, if you want to jump on board the alluring old-money aesthetic, a brown briefcase will help you get the look.

Have fun with a floral briefcase

Whoever believes that briefcases are boring is wrong! People perceive purses as super stylish accessories, and many backpacks mix function with fashion, so why do briefcases have to be any different? Carrying around a briefcase with a floral design will help you hold onto anything you need for work or school while making a fashion statement. A floral briefcase is perfect for spring and summer, but you can use it anytime, as many people are wearing florals all winter long.

Get a cute mini briefcase

If you aren't sure whether or not you want to carry around a traditional or extra-large briefcase yet, you should consider easing into the trend with a petite briefcase. Mini briefcases are adorable and often come in various colors and styles as they're more like purses than classic briefcases, thanks to their smaller sizes. You can use these baby briefcases to carry around what you typically would keep in your purse. Maybe you'll like using a little briefcase so much that you'll decide to get a bigger briefcase, too!

Be bold with a red briefcase

Anyone who wants a statement-making briefcase should choose a red one because red is famously daring. Plus, Pantone's color of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a lively red hue, so red is going to be everywhere in 2023. Thus, you can't get anything much trendier than a red briefcase in 2023, making briefcases in this hot hue one of the most fashion-forward accessories. Moreover, a red briefcase will instantly elevate a neutral outfit.

Invest in a designer briefcase

Chances are, you'll use your briefcase often, as these pieces typically carry crucial items for work or school. Since a briefcase is something that you'll likely use every day — or at least every week — why not treat yourself to a luxurious designer piece? Famous designer names such as Dior sell beautiful, high-quality briefcases, so you should think about splurging on a sensible yet stylish designer option to appear powerful and fashionable. Since you'll probably be impressing your bosses, co-workers, or peers when you carry it, it's a worthwhile investment.

Get girly with a pink briefcase

One iconic movie character who we could picture wearing a pink briefcase every day of the week is Elle Woods from the iconic "Legally Blonde." In the film, Woods rocked a plethora of ultra-girly pink outfits as she experienced law school. So, we can't help but imagine the pink-loving law student carrying a bold pink briefcase everywhere. If you're a "Legally Blonde" fan or a fashion-obsessed, aspiring lawyer like Woods, why not get a pink briefcase for a girly look with a professional spin?

Embrace your cheerful side with a neon briefcase

Yes, traditional briefcases are serious, but who says your briefcase has to be old-fashioned? A neon briefcase can light up your look and boost everyone's spirit at the office or college class. After all, rocking a neon green, pink, yellow, red, purple, or blue briefcase could be the key to dopamine dressing this winter — or any other season. No outfit will be dull when you carry a bright briefcase with it, so this practical yet daring accessory will be the focal point of all your ensembles!