The Zodiac Signs That Are Always Down To Party

Parties are fun and vibrant and sometimes bring out the most fun in people. Sure, there can be Debby downers or people that don't do well in large social situations, but otherwise, parties are a great time to catch up with friends, dance your butts off, and maybe flirt a bit here and there. And odds are you have that one friend who truly is down wherever, whenever, when it comes to a good party. Maybe they bring the life of the party with them wherever they go, and that's why going out with them is such a good time. Have you ever wondered what their zodiac sign says about why they love to party so much?


Astrology and zodiac signs are a great way to get more insight into someone's thought process or why they act the way they do sometimes. It's not the gospel truth, but you'd be surprised how accurate zodiac sign traits are when describing your best friends or even yourself. So when it comes to zodiac signs who love to party, these five signs might just describe your party animal friend or maybe even yourself. 

Attention-seeking Leo

We've said it before, and we'll just keep on saying it, Leos are attention seekers. They love being the center of everything and making everything a performance starring them (if they can). If you were to look at the more negative sides of this Leo trait, it can be a bit narcissistic. But not all Leos are doing this because of a vain desire to be admired. A lot of Leos just love the energy they get from being the center of attention.


And that's why Leo is one of the zodiac signs most likely to be down to party. As Astrotalk writes, that spotlight energy they crave is just amped up in a party setting. Whether on the dance floor or taking shots at a bar, they want all eyes on them, and parties are definitely a great place to get that. Leos are also all about dressing to impress and enjoying the luxurious things in life. So they're, of course, going to have the best and most show-stopping outfit to dance the night away. Parties just bring together all of their favorite things: attention, showing up and showing off, and having a great time with friends.

Passionate Aries

Aries is passionate and also a big fan of attention. If this fire sign can walk into a party and turn every head, they will do it. They also need a lot of social stimulation, so if a party is not up to par and boring them, they'll make sure it's a banger by the time the night's done. Tara Bennet, professional astrologer and spiritual coach at MediumChat, told BestLife that "... Aries flit from one party to the next, seeking out new thrills and excitement" due to this habit of getting bored easily. "Their social calendar is packed to the brim, often attending three parties in one night."


If that sounds tiring already, then you're probably not an Aries. And again, Bennet notes that they're the last ones to show up to an event or party so that they can "build the anticipation of their arrival" and get that much-desired attention.

Adventurous Sagittarius

Of the two signs most likely to be big party animals, according to PureWow, Sagittarius is one of them. Sagittariuses are adventurers, they love to try new things and are always so high energy. While they don't seek out attention quite like Leo and Aries, when they're offered the spotlight, they will gladly take it and wow everyone. They're a lover of the arts, so a good dance floor is a great place for them to feel the music and dance the night away. As PureWow writes, they're often the sign to get their names on the VIP list and have people wanting them to attend their parties. They're also great at planning parties due to their love for stepping out of their comfort zone and coming up with unique themes.


According to Thrillist, Sagittariuses will attend the most unique parties because they're going to travel to seek them out. This might involve going to a completely different country to indulge in a completely different culture with different alcohol and food to offer, or they might stake out at a brand new pop-up bar. Your Sag friend is most likely going to always have the best recommendations for places to drink, eat, and party.

Chatty Gemini

As Astrotalk writes, Geminis are very talkative and love chatting with new people. They'll talk your ear off if they know you, or they'll go into really interesting, deep conversations with a new friend. They enjoy learning new things about people and about life in general because they're naturally curious and want to gain knowledge. This makes them personable and inviting at parties, always welcoming new friends into the fold or catching up with old friends. Don't expect a Gemini to ignore you at a get-together.


As Tara Bennet told BestLife, Geminis have an energy that many can't resist. "Their charisma shines through as they easily direct conversations from one topic to the next," she said. "No dinner is complete without a Gemini at the table." Geminis get a bad rep when it comes to being "two-faced," which might make all of this interest seem like a facade. But don't let negative stereotypes cloud your view of a new Gemini; yes, Geminis know how to use their words to get what they want sometimes, but when meeting a Gemini, their interest is genuine. They just love parties and getting to know people.

Ambitious Libra

Libras are ambitious, especially when it comes to hosting or getting friends together for a party. They're great hosts for this reason and throw a great outing or shindig. They're very social, just like Gemini, and want to find unity in their interactions and with their favorite people. They are the friend who will always try to lighten the mood or try to fix a tense situation. They want to ensure everyone is having a good time, which only adds to their party-hosting abilities.


According to PureWow, Libras are great at getting invited to parties and events because of how much people love to have them around. They'll seek out a party or good time wherever possible, including music festivals, pop-up bars, experiences, and club parties. They're charmers and will get you all into a party if you want or bring the party to you. But as Thrillist also writes, Libras' love for harmony and joy amongst friends also gives them an appreciation for one-on-one or smaller get-togethers. Don't let their love for big events confuse you; they love connecting as a whole, and that means spending quiet, quality time with their besties as well.