How Often Should You Get A Haircut If You Have Long Hair?

Whether you already have mermaid locks or you're aspiring to grow your hair out, you likely know that while it may seem counterproductive, trims are necessary for long, healthy hair. As much as it might pain you to see even a couple of inches go, this is the key to prevent breakage and maintain luminous locks. "Hair is keratinized protein," celebrity hair treatment expert Philip B told Good Housekeeping. "Any natural living byproduct of the body does wear out in time."


If the concept of trimming your hair to keep it long is still a bit confusing, consider what happens when you tug on a split end: It keeps splitting (via Real Simple). This results in more breakage and ultimately, a shorter hair shaft. So, regular trims to keep ends neat and even will allow your hair to remain long. If you're rocking the flowing, goddess locks and you want to keep it that way, just how often should you get a haircut? Let's look into it.

What is a regular trim?

To maintain your long, healthy hair, a visit to the salon for a trim every six to eight weeks should do the trick (via Good Housekeeping). But you should also take into account your hair texture. If you have finer hair that tends to become brittle, you may want to schedule your appointments on the shorter end of that range. Thicker hair can typically withstand a longer wait time for a cut.


Celebrity hair colorist Tanya Abriol told Byrdie that regardless of what's recommended, it's definitely time to head to the salon when "it's been longer than three months, your shape has completely grown out, and you're ready for a new one." It's important to remember that the ends of your hair have been around for a long time and endured a lot from heat styling, chlorine, up-dos, and weather damage, especially if your hair is long. If your hair is tangling easily, that's a telltale sign that you're ready for a trim. You and your ends deserve the refreshment that comes with a good cut.

Keeping your hair healthy between trims

For some, it may be heart wrenching to see those few inches of your precious locks on the floor of the hair salon when you go in for a cut. If you want to extend the time in between visits, putting some extra effort into your hair health should do the trick. Using a heat protectant spray is one of the most important steps to healthier hair — unless, of course, you can stop heat styling altogether, per Healthline.


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase, braiding your hair when it's windy outside, and using hydrating hair masks with coconut oil and aloe vera will also make a significant difference. A shower head filter to purify the water you wash your hair with can go a long way if you notice your hair is brittle no matter what products you use. When it comes to hair accessories, opt for softer, gentle hair bands and clips. Tight rubber bands will lead to additional breakage, but a velvet scrunchie, for instance, isn't likely to damage your tresses.