The Major Fashion Trends That Will Fall Out Of Favor In 2023, According To An Expert

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Fashion trends come and go on what used to be a fairly predictable schedule based on designers' new seasonal releases. Today, fashion is influenced by a wide array of factors including celebrities, influencers, viral marketing campaigns, and social media. This faster-paced fashion world can make it difficult to keep up with the current trends and stay in style, let alone predict what might be coming out of the trend factory next. Luckily, Glam was able to catch up with fashion expert, John Smith of Leather Skin Shop.

John is an Oregon-based stylist and textile designer who has had the pleasure of designing high-end apparel for multiple fashion brands. His current home, Leather Skin Shop, specializes in making high-quality leather jackets more accessible by offering them at affordable prices. Here's what he had to say about which major fashion trends you can expect to see falling by the wayside by the end of 2023. 

Athleisure looks

Athleisure, the well-known combination of loungewear and athletic garb, has been a popular everyday fashion choice for everyone from stay-at-home parents to actual athletes for the past couple of decades, for obvious reasons. Who wants to struggle through a day of errands or working from home in rigid denim or khaki when they could throw on a sweatsuit or some stretchy leggings with pockets and still be considered current and presentable? Unfortunately for many, John Smith predicts that this ultra-comfy trend is finally on its way out.

"In 2023," he explains, "this look may become less popular due to the emergence of luxurious and high-end athletic looks. With the development of better fabrics and more tech-friendly designs, people may opt for higher-quality clothing over the practicality of athleisure looks. Going for something more luxurious and tailored may become more desirable than the comfort of athleisure." Well, it was a good run, brunch yoga pants. 

Monochrome aesthetic

Another decades-long fashion staple appears to be facing the chopping block this year. This time, it's the monochrome aesthetic, which refers to wearing multiple pieces of clothing in the same color. For instance, black leather pants with a black silk tank or a white cotton tee-shirt with flowy white linen pants would both be monochrome looks. Does this simple, elegant trend really have to say goodbye? Maybe not completely.

John Smith tells us that "the aesthetics of a simple, one-color look is appealing to many people as it creates a clean and minimalistic style. In 2023, this trend may become less desirable due to people's desire for more vibrant colors and bolder looks. I believe this trend will be replaced by more vibrant and exciting colors and prints, as people are looking for ways to express their individual styles." He adds, "My idea is that the current monochrome trend will become an accent piece in people's wardrobes rather than a centerpiece." That, we can get behind. As always, focus on wearing what makes you feel the most like yourself and mix in your favorite trends to create your own unique personal style.