Why You Should Add A Signet Ring Into Your Jewelry Collection

Whether you prefer to stick with traditional accessories or are famous among your friends for your ability to keep up with the latest jewelry trends, you surely can't go wrong with a signet ring. Something that can be worn alone or with hands full of rings, you may have had one passed down to you from a beloved relative. There's also a chance that you've been wanting one ever since you spotted royal trendsetter Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, wearing a signet ring.

"What's great about a signet ring is that it can suit anyone's style. Anyone can wear them and they are a fun go-to accessory," Angela Kennedy, the vice president of merchandising for Kay Jewelers, Zales, and Peoples Jewellers, explained to Brides. "Signet rings are a great gift for a wedding, graduation, birthday, or a really fun gift to purchase for yourself that makes a statement and shows off your personal style."

Indeed, this particular accent has been around for ages and has been worn by a wide range of people for just as many reasons over the years, from regal figures flashing symbols that linked them to a certain family to married couples signifying their status. Beyond that, it could be used to make an imprint in wax that acted like a person's signature which is ridiculously cool. These days, you can wear one for whatever reason suits you and in any style that piques your interest.

Initial signet ring

Opting to wear a signet ring that is engraved with an initial or two is a classic choice. The letter can be the first in your given name, family name, or something that represents the name of a loved one. The design can also feature whatever font you prefer, although something fancy is what you'll usually see. In this case, the gold ring has also been given a tiny touch of extra flair with the help of two diamonds which have been placed on the band, one on either side of the center section.

Animal signet ring

Animals are another popular image that can be found engraved on a signet ring while coins can also be used to create the centerpiece of this particular accessory. The signet ring seen here has both elements. The national animal of South Africa, a springbok, struts proudly in the middle of a krugerrand, which is a collectible coin from the same area. While that obviously gives the piece a significantly detailed design on top, the sides of the ring are just as intricate and boast an impressive design of their own.

Figurehead signet ring

Whether you want a trinket that represents where you come from, have been searching for something that reminds you of a family member that you might have lost, or simply love the look of antique-like items, then you may want to slip on a figurehead signet ring. For this style, you can choose to have an existing piece set into a new ring and surround it with a band that enhances your relatively tiny treasure. On the other hand, you could opt to have the image carved right into the piece by an expert craftsperson.

Family crest signet ring

Just like signet rings, family crests have been around for countless generations. If you have a crest associated with your family or home, then you can pop that on a ring. For those who don't have a crest, then you can simply choose one that represents something that's meaningful to you. Take the idea up a notch by considering the design seen here that features a crest in red-flecked green stone. On top of that, the stone is set in twisted gold which holds it in place while also extending around the finger.

Precious stone signet ring

Although you might have spotted signet rings that create a letter or image by using smaller precious stones to make up the design, this ring does the exact opposite. Along with a gold band, the piece has been made with a gold initial in the center. The letter has then been surrounded by a square black stone. While this ring has a darker stone, it would look just as fabulous in pretty much any color as well, as whatever design will have you proudly staring at your finger all day.