Here's How To Pull Of Romantic Lockets

Whether you like to wear the same single pendant every day or are into layering different necklaces to suit each ensemble, you should definitely consider adding a locket to your collection of accessories. A jewelry trend that regularly comes back into style, lockets are a fabulously fashionable way to carry a keepsake or pictures of your family with you at all times. On top of that, lockets can be a romantic gift that can be engraved with a special image or endearing message while also boasting a design that expresses affection, devotion, and adoration.

"Lockets have been around for hundreds of years but gained popularity during the Victorian Age, where they were used to hold a lock of hair or photo as a sentimental and loving memento," Zahava Ryzman, the founder and creative director of Sarah Chloe, told The Zoe Report. "Their popularity during this period cemented the locket with the vintage aesthetic it's known for. They've recently made a resurgence due to their inherent sentimental and personal nature."

Granted, you might assume that lockets tend to be pretty straightforward which is not the case at all. Frankly, they can be antique-like or modern and can be paired with casual outfits as well as more formal attire. You just need to know how to pull off romantic lockets in ways that are both classic and contemporary in order to find what works best for you and, perhaps, the love of your life.

Vintage angel heart locket

Do you feel like you've been hit with cupid's arrow every time you look at your significant other? Then you might fall in love with this vintage heart locket that has been engraved with the image of a tiny angelic creature. Paired with an incredibly thin gold chain, the choice gives this piece a delicate look while something thicker might distract from the rather small heart. A locket that could be worn with your everyday outfits, it could also be saved for special occasions and stylishly elegant outfits.

Sweet celestial locket

With a stunning celestial design, this locket will surely let a special someone know that their loved one would give them the moon and the stars if they could. Or perhaps you're the center of someone's entire universe. Either way, you might adore this locket that features enough room to fit any photo or memento thanks to the sizable circular section. Beyond that, the piece has been taken up a notch with the help of a diamond that represents the shining star. Beyond that, it's been hung on a lovely gold chain that tops it off perfectly.

Intricately engraved silver locket

Another piece that you would likely never want to take off and, fortunately, could work with endless styles and outfits, this silver locket is a true treasure. Along with the perfect shape and ideal thickness for the items found inside, the center reflects the world around while the intricately engraved design along the edge of the heart takes what could be a simple piece and turns it into something wonderfully unique. If that suits your style or perfectly symbolizes your love, then you may be swooning over this locket.

Bouquet locket

You'll never have to get rid of the flowers that you got on your first date or the bouquet you held on your wedding day when you have them encased in a locket like this one. Made with clear glass on either side so that what's inside can be seen from any angle, it's kept in a silver ring that ensures that the shade remains relatively neutral. Although it's been placed on a long strand of small faux pearls which adds a sweet touch, that could easily be changed to match what you happen to be wearing.

Painted porcelain locket

As romantic and refined as a work of fine art, this painted porcelain locket is surely also as beautiful as the love you share with your partner. The gleaming white background, which is slightly curved to provide room inside for pictures, also allows the image of a pink rose to stand out as do the gorgeous green leaves. Finished with a textured gold backing and given a matching chain, it's definitely something that you'll want to take off before going to bed at night so that you don't damage the dainty surface.

Two-tone heart and rose locket

You wouldn't have to choose between silver or gold if you opt for a locket like this two-toned piece which uses both. Perhaps symbolizing someone giving flowers as a romantic gesture as well as their heart as an act of love, this design can say a lot with a rather simple design. An accessory that you could wear every day, you could use it with either a silver or gold chain and would just need to be sure to polish it occasionally to keep it nice and shiny.