Here Are The Best Types Of Shoes To Wear With Oversized Outfits To Get The Proportions Just Right

Oversized clothing continues to trend, whether it's a giant sweater, a huge overcoat, baggy pants, or anything in between. This is convenient during the winter season, as it gives you an excuse to bundle up in something nice and cozy. Unfortunately, it is also very easy to drown in all your clothing and simply look like a jellyfish, hence the new term for the trend being "jellyfishing."

Luckily, there are a few fashion rules that can help prevent you from getting lost in oversized layers. "In general, when one wears a bigger, blousier, more voluminous top, I suggest a slimmer bottom to help balance proportion overall and allow us to see the person under the look, not just the clothing itself," personal stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little told InStyle. The same goes for bottoms, as baggier bottoms often require a smaller top to avoid getting lost in the fabric.

Accessories can also be a great way to get the proportions just right when wearing an oversized outfit. Certain shoes give heights and silhouettes to balance out the jellyfish style. We have curated the five best shoe types to pair with your oversized outfits to get a trendy look.


Flatforms have become a fashion staple over the past couple of years in almost every form imaginable. The Macmillan Dictionary describes flatforms as "shoes that have a very thick sole (the bottom part underneath the foot) which adds height but keeps the feet flat." Sneaker brands, such as Converse, have even begun adding flatform bottoms to their shoes. Other shoe types, such as sandals and loafers, have also seen this approach. The flatform is perfect to pair with an oversized outfit because of its casual feel and added height to balance out the silhouette.

Lug-sole boots

Lug-sole boots are the perfect combination of edgy and chic. The chunkiness of lug-sole boots makes them a great option for oversized outfits. They stand out above the bagginess, particularly with a long skirt, longline coat, or wide-leg pants. Whereas thinner and more delicate shoes can get lost among the fabric, lug soles are super thick and provide height along with bulk.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are the perfect way to create a more delicate and feminine look with oversized clothing. While ballet flats can drown under oversized bottoms, they are the perfect pairing for a huge top and tighter pants. Everyday fashion blogger Charlotte Buttrick shares her favorite classy outfit ideas for ballet flats in a YouTube video, including an outfit that incorporates straight-leg denim with an extra oversized coat. This outfit provides a sleek finish at the feet as ballet flats keep the bottom half of the outfit proportional.

Dad sneakers

Dad sneakers are a great finishing touch to an oversized outfit if you prefer the streetwear aesthetic. These oversized chunky sneakers give a casual feel to even the chicest of looks. A fan-favorite way to style the shoe is with a slightly oversized top and slightly oversized bottoms. This is one of the only shoe styles that allows you to still look put together with two oversized pieces. 

Heeled thigh-high boots

Take it from Ariana Grande: Knee-high boots are a great shoe for oversized outfits. The pop star is the queen of oversized sweatshirts and knee-high boots, as she has been photographed in a similar outfit on several occasions. Tall boots are a fantastic way for petite women to mimic longer legs and even out their proportions while wearing an oversized look. YouTube style expert Tiffany Grace shares how she styles her tall boots with oversized shirts and blazers for a sexy, yet sophisticated oversized look.