Our Best Tips For Pairing Jewelry With Your Chicest Leather Jackets

When you want to make a mysterious or commanding entrance, you should walk into the room wearing a leather jacket. These sleek, edgy garments radiate more untouchable cool-girl energy than any other garment. All you need is a leather jacket to elevate an outfit from ordinary to photoshoot-ready! Of course, you should always keep in mind a few key tips for buying a staple leather jacket, such as making sure the garment fits your body well and selecting a color that will work well with the rest of your wardrobe. Once you purchase your new leather jacket, you'll probably never want to take it off because it looks so stylish.

There are a plethora of ways to style your favorite leather jackets, such as using them to add edge to cute turtleneck sweaters, rocking the leather pieces over sexy minidresses with tights, and wearing the jackets with flattering crop tops (via TikTok). It's so much fun to style leather jackets, and the outfit possibilities are endless. But what if you want to wear jewelry with a leather jacket? There are many ways to use your shiny accessories to add more glam to your leather look!

Wear an ultra-dainty necklace

Anyone who wants to add a super subtle detail to their leather jacket ensemble should wear an ultra-thin, delicate-looking necklace. This dainty piece of jewelry will slightly soften your leather look without taking too much attention away from your outfit. So, if you want to ease into adding jewelry to leather looks, a lightweight little necklace is an excellent place to start.

Rings go a long way

Rings will elevate your already-chic outfit without the jewelry ever having to touch the leather jacket if you don't want your accessories to interfere with the garment. Similar to leather jackets, rings exude cool-girl energy, so these accessories naturally pair well with leather jackets. Don't be afraid to experiment, whether you wear a ring on one finger for a low-key look, wear rings on many fingers for a bold effect, or stack more than one ring on one finger for a statement look.

Layer necklaces for drama

If you want your jewelry to fit the layered theme of your ensemble, try layering different necklaces for a striking effect. Layered necklaces will add more dimension to your look and add a more dramatic, glamorous touch to your leather jacket outfit. Layer a few gold or silver necklaces, or consider wearing both because mixing metals is in style in 2023.

You can't go wrong with earrings

Earrings are an excellent place to start if you're unsure about wearing jewelry with leather jackets. Earrings will be up on your ears, so they won't get in the way of the jacket at all, and they'll appear super subtle if you opt for small stud earrings. But if you want a bolder look, wear big hoops or dangling earrings and put your hair up for dramatic effect.

Rock an edgy choker

If there's any accessory that perfectly fits a leather jacket's vibe, it's a choker. These neck-hugging necklaces are edgy and sleek, just like leather jackets. Chokers and leather jackets are always a match made in heaven, whether you wear a choker the same color as the garment or go for contrast instead.

Flaunt a statement piece

Why not express yourself and go bold? For instance, pair a vibrant pink necklace with a bright pink dress and a black leather jacket, or wear a brown leather jacket with a huge pair of gold hoop earrings. How you style your leather jacket should reflect your unique style and personality, and the same goes for whatever jewelry you wear with it. So, if you feel confident and happy rocking a statement accessory, go for it!