Why March's Worm Moon Is The Perfect Time To Try Something New

When you look up at the sky and notice a full moon, you may think little of it. However, this lunar phase, where the moon appears round and fully illuminated, holds significant meaning, according to experts. "The full moon often reveals a turning point or a realization surrounding how far we've come," astrologer Rose Theodora shared with Bustle. "It's a heightened emotional time due to the two light bodies flanking the earth, which can feel like we are being pulled in two different directions: feeling emotionally receptive and where we feel the need be." Astrologist Noura Bourni echoes this, telling Glamour, "On a spiritual level, the full moon is when we close off cycles and see the fruits of the past 15 days come to pass. [...] For some this can mean new beginnings, for others this can mean opportunities for closure."


We saw this effect in February during the Snow Moon, which invited feelings of romantic passion and hunger for affection. But what can we expect with March's full moon, the Worm Moon, on its way?

2023's Worm Moon signals a fresh start

This year's Worm Moon makes way for warmer days, blooming flowers, and the defrosting of any lingering stagnation from winter. And unsurprisingly, those springy vibes can majorly influence your mood and mindset. "The spiritual meaning behind the full worm moon is a signifier for life, as the earth thaws, softens, and life emerges in the northern hemisphere," Theodora told Bustle. "The bustling energy of newness that nature promises as it anticipates spring is also confirmation our lives will begin to warm up with more liveliness, hope, and direction."


However, some doors must close before others can open. As senior astrologer for Astrology.com Narayana Montúfar revealed to PopSugar, "this full moon could bring the ending of a situation that began back on March 21, 2020, which is when Saturn first entered Aquarius." Even though change can be hard, understand that these turning points are necessary for future growth.

Here's when the Worm Moon will appear

This year, March's full Worm Moon will appear on March 6 and March 7, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. In the U.S., it will be fully illuminated on March 7 at 7:42 a.m. Eastern Time. However, try to catch a glimpse of the moon at night when it will appear at its brightest against the dark sky. The Worm Moon will seem especially large when spotted low near the horizon. Head outside at moonrise and find a spot where you can gaze up without buildings and other obstructions blocking your view.


This year's Worm Moon marks the third and final full moon of the 2022-2023 winter season, roughly two weeks before the vernal equinox — the astrological first day of spring — on March 20 (via Fullmoonology). Not all Worm Moons are during the winter, however. Depending on the year, the March full moon sometimes arrives in the springtime instead.

Virgo's influence on March's full moon

March's Worm Moon arrives in the zodiac sign Virgo, an astrological personality known for being practical, organized, and perfectionistic. As The Zodiac Style explains, this star sign has a massive influence on the Worm Moon, encouraging us all to focus, devise a step-by-step plan, and declutter (both our spaces and our minds).


If you're naturally scatterbrained, you don't have to sit this one out — Virgo will give you a hand, astrologer Aryn the Alchemist told PopSugar. "[T]he Virgo full moon grounds us in the practical. It illuminates what aspects of our routine we're neglecting and may need some redirection and encourages us to nourish our bodies as well as our spirits," they shared, also noting, "The Virgo–Pisces axis speaks to service and the role we play in helping others in our local and global communities." Put another way, it's time to get organized, from your self-care routine to how you give back to others.

Rituals to honor the Worm Moon

Practices celebrating full moons, and moon cycles in general, go all the way back to ancient Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China, says expert Chala Guzel (via Russh). Whether you're new to lunar rituals or just want fresh inspiration when moon manifesting, the Worm Moon offers plenty of options.


Spirituality & Health suggests embracing the late-winter timing of this full moon by sitting in a cozy corner, wrapped in a blanket and warm socks if you notice any chill in the air. Light a candle, and then reflect on any movement or shifts in energy within you. Consider what areas of your life may be "frozen" and need to be warmed up by March's worms.

In addition to meditating and taking time for reflection, Angelical Balance recommends full moon rituals like taking a celebratory bath, sitting outside and soaking up the view, and writing down your intentions and goals for the coming weeks.

How the Worm Moon got its name

Some full moons, like the Flower Moon or the Strawberry Moon, have nicknames so beautiful, they sound almost poetic. The Worm Moon? Well, not so much. Still, there's an important meaning behind the nickname. The Old Farmer's Almanac explains that old myths attributed the name to the earthworms that begin popping up around the start of spring. Later, research uncovered the true origin of the nickname, dating back to at least the 1760s. Around this time, Captain Jonathan Carver met with Native American tribes — which are credited for inventing many of the moon names we still use today — and wrote that the Worm Moon was inspired by the beetle larvae that surface every year around March.


The creepy crawly moniker isn't the only name given to this full moon. Other nicknames include Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Chaste Moon, Sugar Moon, and Plough Moon, per Time and Date. In Christianity, 2023's Worm Moon is known as a Lenten Moon, the last full moon of winter.